DJ Will Buck, The Best DJ in Barcelona

Turn any of these mixes on at a party and there is no need to change the song. Will was born in Boston and enrolled at University of Florida, as well as a full time DJ. After quickly taking over the social scene he played shows with Lil Wayne, Fabolous and even newcomer B.O.B. He then moved to Barcelona after graduating at UF in December 2009, where he probably f*cked Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend.

Recently is has been seen more and more when students study abroad but never come home because of the money they can make DJing at clubs in Europe.

Here is where you can download his Pop Mini Mix.

(Boyonce, Timbaland, JT, Diddy, Ludacris, Snoop, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and more) (14:25)

And here is where you can download his live Hip Hop House Set.

(Techno Mashup with Pop/Hip Hop) (58:47)

Check Will Buck out in Barcelona, Spain or on his website, here.


Edit: Will Buck himself posted on his website about this post, as well as throwing in some of his favorite music and remixes, here.

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