Do the Heisman on that Ho!

Reggie Bush is finally returning to the New Orleans Saints lineup in week 11. He is arriving from a long vacation on the injured reserve after suffering a broken fibula in week 2 against the 49ers. On Sunday, the shaky and inconsistent Seattle Seahawks venture to the rejuvenated city of New Orleans. With the versatile Bush back on the field, Seattle has much room for concern. Some people have viewed Reggie Bush’s time in the league so far as a bit of a disappoint, but let me put all those ideas to bed. In his college career, he didn’t necessarily have any one area of expertise, rather the GAME OF FOOTBALL was his expertise, and throughout his early career in the NFL, this has not changed one bit. In just five seasons, he has recorded 17 rushing touchdowns, 12 receiving touchdowns, and 4 punts returned for touchdowns (oh yeah, and all the while with Kim Kardashian under his arm). This guy is so good, he got paid stacks in college son! Just let me ask you one thing, does this look like a disappointment…


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