Now that baseball has finally (and thankfully) ended after what seemed like 4,000 games played, the amazing sport of football is in full affect. So what does baseball do? Realizing their sport doesn’t match up to the athleticism, entertainment, or even all around greatness of football . . . they decide to host a college football game in their stadium. Yes you heard correctly, tomorrow the Northwestern Wildcats will host the Illinois Fighting Illini in none other than Chicago’s Wrigley Field. I mean this is all good and fun, except for the simple fact that it is a BASEBALL STADIUM NOT FOOTBALL! Due to this, the east end zone ends literally inches before, what would be the right field wall, and many exceptions will be made as a result. For example all offensive plays will attack the West end zone and all kickoffs will be kicked toward the East. Hey MLB, here is an idea; how about instead of inviting other sports to play on your fields and making them change rules, how about you just make yours more interesting!

Here’s a video showing you why football is so much better…


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