We all know the situation; walkin’ down the hall, all of the sudden you think you might have heard that oh-so-infamous word. Now you start to quicken your stride a little hoping not to miss a second of what could be going on. And as your turn the corner you are now sprinting to the chant that you were hoping for “FIGHT…FIGHT…FIGHT…FIGHT.” Soon enough you are watching two goobers throwing aimless punches at each other over who is going to ask Cindy Lou Who to the spring formal. Well that’s exactly what’s happening here, except instead of two nerds fighting, it’s two entire college football teams! And instead of being over Cindy Lou Who, it was over a potential “cheap shot” University of Auburn tackle Nick Fairley laid on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray in the fourth quarter. What followed was a good ole’ fashioned brawl!!!
(Fight starts at the 1:38 mark)

This got us here at FU starting to think about some of the other freshest brawls in sports history, hope you dont mind if we share!

and also…

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