KICKS ROUNDUP: Nike New Releases

Gore-Tex Dunks!

These SB Dunks are done in all black Gore-Tex and are fully taped and waterproof. Why go out in the rain or snow wearing lame boots when you could be rocking these murdered out Nikes. Check out more info here.

Nike Supreme 94s!

These Nikes got some negative feedback at first, but on the streets these shoes look dope. The white and navy contrast look so good with this design. Good luck finding these in any stores.

Jordan I's in Suede for the Ladies

All the home-girls out there are definitely gonna like the detail of the inlays. Air Jordan 1s are classic and these are clowning for any girl out there who likes here kicks. Check out more info on them here.

Delorean 6.0 Dunks?

Actual Delorean

Check out these throwback Nike 6.0 Dunks that are out for the anniversary of Back to the Future. Only 1000 pairs worldwide, coming out on Black Friday. Check them out closer here!

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