Happy Thanksgiving! It’s time for some FOOTBALL!!

Thanksgiving is an amazing day fresh-followers. It is a day to give thanks, eat as much as humanly possible, enjoy time with family and friends, and last but certainly not least, watch some FOOTBALL! In 1934, the glorious tradition was born. It was this year, on turkey day that the 10-1 Detroit Lions hosted the World Champion Chicago Bears (who were coming off an 11 game win streak) in the University of Detroit Stadium. Chicago topped Detroit 19-16, going on to clinch NFL Western Division just three days later. More important than that victory, and more important even than that entire season, was the ritual that was born. This same ritual remains today and with this ritual we are blessed each and every Thanksgiving while stuffing our faces with turkey, we are able to watch a little pigskin.

The Good: Saints at Cowboys
-The always steady New Orleans Saints venture to face off against the rejuvenated Dallas Cowboys. Despite having a very slow start to the season, and Jon Kitna as their starting quarterback; look for the Cowboys to win a very close game, as they are done being embarrassed in their own house.

The Bad: Bengals at Jets
-Mark Sanchez and his receivers are becoming a very dangerous force in the AFC (including winning the last two week’s games in the last minute). Ochocinco and T.O. are going to spend too much time looking into the cameras, and not for the football. After a close first two quarters, the Jets put the second half in cruise control, and easily get their ninth win of the season.

The Ugly: Patriots at Lions
-Not really much to say about this game at all, the Patriots are the Patriots, and the Lions are the Lions. Sorry Detroit fans (actually even players), just stay home and eat turkey.


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