Boise State Kicker Costs School $13.5 Million

First of all I would like to apologize to all the Fresh-Followers for my delay on this post, I was slackin’ today tough, but not more than Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman was slackin’ last night. If you somehow managed to miss the game last night, the Broncos fell to the Nevada Wolfpack 31-34 in overtime. The Wolfpack scored a touchdown with 13 seconds left in the fourth quarter to tie the game. After Boise’s kickoff return, 9 seconds remained. Kellen Moore proceeded to throw a 54-yard bomb to a diving Titus Young at the Nevada nine yard line. And in the end, despite the threat from the Wolfpack, Kyle Brotzman comes on for the easy 26-yard kick . . . THAT HE PUSHES WIDE RIGHT!!! This one goes into overtime where the shaken but still steady Brotzman comes on to kick a 29-yard chip-shot . . . THAT HE PULLS LEFT!!! After all the misses, Nevada’s Anthony Martinez shows us how it’s done as he aces a 34-yarder (right down the middle) to make the Wolfpack’s ultimate dream of an upset, a reality.

So now everybody has calmed down and we realize that people are people and that we do in fact make mistakes. Just as Boise coach Chris Peterson said ‘one play doesn’t lose a game’. Ummmm BULLSH*T! This kid single handedly lost the game and in turn lost his school $13.5 million! If the Broncos won this game, although not reaching the BCS championship, they still would have received a birth to a BCS bowl. This being the most expensive birthing in history (obviously way more than mine) would have created $14 million worth of revenue for Boise State University, but now instead receiving an appearance to some toilet bowl; they expect revenue of about $500,000. Wow talk about F’ing your team over (and I’m not saying freshin-ing). Watch and learn sir shanks-a-lot!


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