Lil Kim (she’s dumb) Disses Nicki Minaj…

So you know when someone is in their prime, they have a great career, and then they move on to just chill with all their money. Well this isn’t the case for Lil’ Kim. She sees how well Nicki Minaj is doing and then decides to go out and try to record a song about her. Let me tell you now this track is terrible. I have never heard a diss track this bad. By releasing this song she pretty much dissed herself. Oh and Nicki Minaj could care less that this is going on. It’s like when your dad yells at you for sagging your pants, no need to argue parents just don’t understand. Nicki will just continue making hit record after hit record. Topping the billboard charts over and over again is a good thing and apparently Kim has a problem with it. In my opinion Lil’ Kim should stop talking, stop rapping, and let the girl do her thing.

You are a has been.

Here’s the diss track that Lil’ Kim released. Listen if you want to. I don’t encourage it though.


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