College Fashionista:Way Too Fresh Fashion Blog!

“ is a fashion blog site for those who are passionate about the latest college fashion styles and trends on campuses around the world. This website allows students and other young adults to view photographs of what their peers are wearing around college campuses and gain valuable insight and tips to incorporate these looks into their own college fashion wardrobes.” – College Fashionista Statement

Washington State University has their own College Fashionista blog written by Jordan Casey, a Kappa Delta Junior majoring in Apparel Merchandising. You can check out the WSU section by clicking HERE.

In a personal statement from Jordan she states:

“I started the CollegeFashionista page for WSU and currently  am the only Style Guru. My posts go up every Monday and are ‘Style Advice of the Week,’ I will be doing ‘Fashion from Abroad’ next semester which will post on Fridays. I am always on the lookout for trendy Fashionistas/Fashionistos on campus in Pullman, and the Daily Evergreen will be doing a featured article on CF that goes live Friday, December 3rd.”

So if you need any fashion pointers, College Fashionista is the place to go. Check em out!

UPDATE: Here’s a little video Ad to show you what College Fashionista is all about.




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