The Return of a King

In very possibly the most anticipated return in sports history, LeBron James will be back in Cleveland Thursday night. So far this season, the Miami Heat have been a bit of disappointment, but as King James pointed out “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. In tonight’s contest, you can be assured that the records will be the last thing on people’s mind, especially the fans of Cleveland. If the Cavaliers are able to edge off the Heat tonight, the city of Cleveland will consider their team’s season a success. But if the Heat . . . well let’s be honest, if Bron Bron is able to beat the Cavs, the season is a failure. Before we talk about the result, I want to discuss what happened.

After giving Cleveland seven long years of his Hall of Fame career (the seven years that were in his contract) LeBron realized he had two options. 1 – He could have stayed with the Cavaliers the rest of his career averaging close to 30 a game, continuing to win MVP after MVP. Or 2 – Finally get out of the sorry excuse for a sports town called Cleveland, and do what is logical in order to win a ring. Now most knowledgeable sport fans would realize number two was the better and more unselfish decision, as James sacrificed stats, and took a huge pay cut. But in the city of Cleveland, fans realized that without King James, they are done for, adios, HASTA LUEGO!!! Due to this, there is no doubt the ‘boo’s LeBron will receive tonight will vastly outweigh the cheers he ever got in his hometown. But in the end, whether you are loved or hated, only one thing matters: puttin’ the ball in the hoop. And I think we all know James ain’t too shabby at that. Look for LeBron to score 25-30, as his Miami squad gets a safe win on the road.

Here’s how some of the Ohio natives feel about the return of Lebron James.


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