Mike Tyson Elected to Hall of Fame

Mike Tyson was elected for induction into the Boxing Hall of Fame today. Despite being one of the most controversial boxers, and possibly sport figures, of all time, nobody can deny that he is one of the all time greats. Iron Mike finished his career 50-6-0-2, winning 44 of 50 with knockouts. As a heavyweight, Tyson was the youngest boxer to hold the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, and International Boxing Federation titles at the same time. Criticized time and time again for countless incidents such as biting off Evander Holyfield’s or serving three years in prison. But if that’s what it takes to be one of the no doubt baddest dudes to ever live, Mr. Tyson executed the game of life to perfection. If you still feel he is a punk Fresh-Followers, be my guest by all means, let him know how you feel . . . but you might change your mind after watching below. Also I really recommend watching the documentary on the hall-of-famer himself titled ‘TYSON’, it truly takes you into the heart of the fighter they call Iron Mike.


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