Cougs Own Washington

Oh my Fresh fans, I’m not sure if you are WSU fans or not, but last night the Cougs put on an ole’ ass-whoopin. Every year Gonzaga is up on their high horse thinking they are the kings, drinking their Smirnoff Ices and Zimas, but this year we assured them they were not.

From the start, the Cougs came out with a sense of pride people haven’t seen before, a certain identity that says “you can do whatever you want, we are still going to win”. At halftime the Cougs were up 30-24, but that wasn’t good enough for WSU coach Ken Bone. Coming out for the second half, he didn’t just want to beat the Bulldogs, he wanted to embarrass them, making a statement to the rest of the nation. Gonzaga’s so called “star” Steven Gray was more than held in check scoring only 7 points while the true superstar on the court Klay Thompson shined scoring 24, adding 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 7 steals, and a block. Oh and that one block, was not just any block my friends, this was the type of rejection that says “what the hell are you doing?! This is my house, you aren’t bangin’ out, I’m about to go to the the league, who are you??? We are gonna beat you fools by 22, and you are going to go back to Spokane with your heads down”.

Last night’s game was an answer to all the WSU haters, an answer for once, thank God, that the WSU Cougars are here to play, and are the best basketball team in the state of Washington. GO COUGS!

Looks like Casto is getting his groove back too, blockin’ and dunkin’ like no other!

Oh and one more thing, the Cougs were 11 for 21 on three pointers, whappin!


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