Setting the NBA on Fire, the Miami Heat.


Confused what that image up there is? That is the box score from the Knicks vs. Heat game last night. The Knicks are on a hot streak right now also but they were finally put to the real test last night. All this talk about the Heat not being able to get it together is now over. Lebron “fuc*ed around and got a triple double”. You have to see this game footage, Lebron made it look so easy that I think he was playing with his eyes closed. And what’s up with Wade? The dude is jumping higher and higher every game dunking on whoever he wants.

James ended up 32 points, 10 assists and 11 rebound. Those assists that I just named, they weren’t just any old regular pass, Jumping up in the air behind the back passes, no looks, alley-oops, yeah those kind of passes. James has also perfected his spin move 100%, nobody was stopping that stuff.

D-Wade also played a huge part in this game with statistics of 26 points, and 8 rebounds. Another reason you need to watch a re-cap of this game is to see the dunks D-Wade throws down and the passes he throws up to James. Unbelievable.

Oh and there is one more player by the name of Chris Bosh that all you fresh-followers cannot forget about. He ended up with 26 points and 7 rebounds. Combined scoring for the BIG THREE = 84 points…wow!

Here’s a recap of the game for everyone.


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