Michael Vick talks about his second chance.

To me it seems like there are two sides to Michael Vick. You have the Vick that dominates the sport of football, both in his past (Falcons) and present. He has put the Eagles back on the map as far as playoff contention goes and brought the city back together after McNabb had left with no hope for a successful team. Then there is the “Prison Vick”, the one that took part in killing hundreds of dogs in his underground fighting rings. Most people tend to oversee the football persona that he carries, the one huge strike that he has against him will always follow Vick and he cannot let go of that. But people have started to realize that the man just like any other human being makes mistakes and is sorry for them. He is constantly trying to shed a new light on himself and I’m starting to think it’s working. In this next video interview he thanks the people for giving him a second chance, especially the  Philadelphia Eagles organization. Pretty deep stuff is said in this one, check out the rest for more info.


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