Chris Brown completes his Domestic Violence Courses

We all know what happened with the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna story. He beat her up. Of course the first thing to do is look at Chris Brown and call him a horrible person, or like Wal-Mart did, ban his cds from hitting the shelves. But does anyone look at what Chris Brown has been doing to improve his image, to learn that what he did was wrong and never do it again? Well here you go, this is Brown’s certificate from his domestic violence courses.

He has finally completed all of his domestic violence courses which consisted of attendance for 52 weeks straight. Hard to see how he could have time for all this with all the appearances he’s been making. Big ups to Chris for graduating, this doesn’t cover up what happened, but it’s good that he’s making an effort to help himself and others.

Breezy is currently serving a 5-year probation term which includes 180 hours of community service.

On a different note, here’s a look at Breezy’s latest appearance in Jae Millz new video ” Green Goblin”


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