The Government will now control our internet.

Just got done taking a computer-technology ethics course at WSU and this was discussed but I did not know it was coming up so soon. The FCC passed a vote today on the whole Net Neutrality issue.

So what this vote means is that the FCC bans cable and phone companies from favoring or discriminating against certain internet content. What’s the good news? Well now internet service providers will not be able to block any content from you. So they can’t slow down any of your service because they have a better one. But the BAD NEWS is that this makes way for internet pricing. For example your internet provider can tell you ” We can give you a package for $40 a month, but you will only get 250GB of data.”

Owen Robbins (president of KRRS) says that these new regulations will destroy the internet, it’s like taking water out of the garden. The internet is something we have been able to do freely and without worry, a system that has never been broken, and now it will be.

Here’s a little video to explain what could possibly be happening.


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