Apple The First To Create Holographic 3-D Images, No Glasses Needed!

Apple 3-D

Patents have shown that Apple is planning to create holographic displays on its computers. Apple has always been at the forefront on new technology with such a high amount of capital used for Research and Development. This patent shows that Apple is getting close to the point where 3-D can be done without the use of glasses on a consumer level.

Holographic iPhone?

This may be an example of what this technology could look like in a modern iPhone. Of course when they come out with their final product it will look much different, but this is definitely a reasonable estimate.

Star Wars Technology Finally Modern?

Star Wars had always pushed the technological side to what they saw would be the future and these high tech companies have finally caught up. This will be an amazing advancement in technology to the consumer level and will be sure to fly off the shelves just as all the other innovative Apple products have done in years past.

More information on this story can be found here.


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