Chris Brown is Tatted.

Chris Brown turned to his Twitter page today to show his fans all of his new tattoos. Apparently the wings across his chest are the newest addition. Getting pretty filled up there.

After getting the idea for this post, I figured we might as well take a look at some other famous tatted people. Check em out.

Rick Ross is very tatted also, even though the site of him with his shirt off isn’t too exciting.

We all know Wiz Khalifa is inked up and doesn’t “give a motherfu*k”. He also is a self-proclaimed king of ink.

If you’ve caught any Nuggets games this year, you can see that Chris Anderson is fully covered also, his new neck tattoo has been making a lot of noise lately across the internet. I guess that’s what happens when you used to do meth.

Even though Wiz claims in one of his interviews that he is the “King of Ink”, I believe it to be Lil’ Wayne. He probably has the most covered body out of anyone, including face and legs. His partner in crime Birdman also has a lot but those are just ridiculous. Look below and you will see what I mean.

That’s got to be over kill. Anyways YMCMB 100 haha.

Are all these tattoos just a fad or what? Every NBA and NFL star is now getting covered, this was not happening too long ago. I’m pretty sure the music industry sets huge trends when it comes to this stuff. Anyways I don’t mind it, tat tat tatted up.


Rider Profile: Torstein Horgmo

Torstein Horgmo is a 23 year snowboarder from Norway. His latest video part was in “The Storming” where he absolutely rips. He just placed first in the first stop in slopestyle for the Mountain Dew Tour. Check out his video part in The Storming where he throws a triple cork at the end of the video! It is unreal!

Sports Quotes of 2010 posted an article today with the top 20 sports quotes of year. But for your entertainment, we wanted to break down those 20 quotes down and provide you the 4 freshest quotes of the year.

Who: Greg Oden
Why: Responding to nude photos on the internet
What: “Those pictures were taken and sent over a year and a half ago, so I’ve definitely grown since then.”

Who: Mike Tyson
Why: Tyson just being Tyson
What: “My life is like a tornado, a f—ing hurricane. It’s like I’m a naked tornado that comes through a city and there’s just so much wreckage. There’s so much destruction, and when it’s finally over, it’s like the morning after and you’re sober and … what the f— happened here?”

Who: Charles Barkley
Why: Discussing Brett Favre’s cell phone SEXting controversy
What: “If you send a woman a picture of your junk, it should be humongous. … That’s one of the Ten Commandments.”

Who: Lebron James
Why: ‘The Decision’
What: “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach.”

-Now obviously #1 on our fresh-list received much controversy and criticism. But after all we are the fresh-makers, and we do love us some Bron Bron, so without further ado (you know we had to do it) let the highlights roll!

Steeler’s Heinz Field Transformed to Hockey Rink

Lest than an hour after the Steeler’s routed the Carolina Panthers last Thursday night 27-3 at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field, an amazing transformation began. On New Years day, the Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Washington Capitals in the 2011 Winter Classic. The football-field-turned-ice-rink took about 10 hours to create, including the use of a 300-ton custom-built refrigeration truck. Take a look below as the filed change happens in “fresh-speed”.

The Heat won, but…

The Heat won this game, but damn did Lebron get dunked on. By Amare of course. The whole game was the big three pretty much until the Knicks started making a run at it again. At the end the match was down to 4 points until Wade hit another 3 and Lebron drove in for a perfect finish(98-106). Heat are on a crazy streak right now and it looks like no one is stopped them. Good job on the dunk Amare.

This babies first word is…

Hahaha I’m not going to say until the video plays but this is pretty damn funny. Every question answered the same way. The slicked back Al Pachino look is workin for him too.


Eminem ft. Nas- “Topless”

Two Eminem songs in one day? YUP that’s right, we’re giving it all to you. Gotta love when Shady drops something new, hands down best Emcee to grace the mic in my opinion. Don’t agree, don’t matter. Listen.


Eminem x Jay-Z x Dr. Dre x 50 Cent x Stat Quo x Ca$his – Syllables

Woah. This shit caught me by surprise. We posted earlier today about this song possibly coming out in the New Year, but wait no further it drops the same day.  Pretty star studded cast on this song and it sounds very much like the old Em and Dre that we are used to.  Not sure if this is the type of shit on Detox, but we will see. It’s a possibility this could be a future Eminem song. But the song’s got a  great premise considering half of the so-called “hits” that come out these days have terrible lyrics but become popular because of the beat and a stupid chorus. Oh well, atleast this song has some meaningful syllables.  Enjoy people.


Arenas with CRAZY SHOT!

It didn’t count (75 ft.), but still worth a second look. The ball hits the rim, goes off the shot clock (that’s why it didn’t count), and SWISH! Would have been sick to see it count, it’s all good though, they were playing the NETS.

Lebron in trouble?

Looks like Lebron is catching fire for some recent comments he’s made.

“I’m not saying let’s take New Jersey and let’s take Minnesota out of the league. But hey, you guys are not stupid, I’m not stupid, it would be great for the league.”

That’s what he said, pretty much stating that the bad teams should be taken out of the league. He also mentioned taking players like Kevin Love or Brook Lopez and putting them on better teams. The main point Lebron was trying to get at was making the league more competitive and not have teams that can just get ran over every night.

A lot of people in the basketball world are looking at this as a sign of disrespect from Lebron and are questioning whether or not he really wants to play that much in the league. He doesn’t have a ring yet, so I’m pretty sure he’s good to stick around for a while.

For more witty Lebron quotes click here.



Nicki Minaj Covers KING.

KING magazine is featuring the craziest selling female rap artist of this decade and so far that would be Nicki Minaj. This one will be part of the March/April issue. They do a huge interview with lots of thought provoking questions and answers. Be on the look out for this one when it hits stores.

New Music! Plies ft. Chris Brown- “Oh Yeah”

Haven’t heard anything from Plies for a while, but Brizzy is always doin’ something. Here’s the newest from the two finally getting together on a track. Top 5 songs on most hip hop blogs today so it’s gotta be a good one. Check it below.


Eminem, 50 Cent, Dre, and Jay-Z bringing us a new song?

You heard it right, this is about to go down come 2011. According to DJ Big Mike the 3 of them have been working on something and want to start the new year off right. The song will be called “Syllables” and should be a banger with these guys on it. Can’t wait for it to happen.

Obama loves Michael Vick.

Recently Michael Vick has been getting tremendous support from everyone on his spectacular season and MVP possibilities. He is now also getting lots of support from the president of the United States, Barack Obama.

Obama called into the Eagles organization yesterday to congratulate their owner (Jeffrey Lurie) on giving Michael Vick a second chance after his release from prison. Obama said that released prisoners barely ever get a second chance at a good life in the U.S. and Michael Vick could help change that. I believe that this is a great move, Vick is playing better than ever and has shown everyone that even in one point in his life he was a bad man, you can always turn things around. Vick’s story will go down in history as one of the most inspirational comebacks in sports (hoping that he doesn’t F up again).

New Mixtape: Los – The Louis Vuitton Gift Pack

We all know Louie V is the best, and Los is pretty damn good too. Ever since this dude did a remix of Weezy’s “A Milli” I’ve been listening for his new stuff. Well here’s his newest mixtape with all new beats and lines that kill. Download by clicking the link below, Happy Holidays: Gift Pack.


Step Your Watch Game Up: Bell & Ross Winter 2010 Collection!

Classic, Clean Design

I know many of you have Christmas money burning holes in your pockets. Watches are overlooked by many but can be subtle style that can make your look go off. These Bell and Ross watches are so clean and are styled with pilots in mind.

Maverick Would Rock This Watch

Simple Design, Very Fresh

More information on this watch can be read here.

Check out Bell & Ross’ Official Site here.

Ed Reed’s Jacket Catches fire.

Hahaha don’t know how a fire started out there but somehow it caught Ed Reed’s jacket on fire. Just sitting on the sidelines and a bunch of smoke starts to come up. Of course the announcers sound super corny. See what happened below.

Gorillaz New Album “The Fall” Is Free For Christmas! Very Edgy!


New Gorillaz! All Free!

Mixtapes are the new albums, but Gorillaz are jumping on the free music bandwagon and giving this out no charge. Gorillaz have always been innovators and something to look forward to off the mainstream track. They continue to sell out shows, despite video images of their band members on stage. This new album entitled “The Fall” is very unique and shows that the original Gorillaz have not left the building. Go ahead and listen below to get a taste of this new Album

If you like what you hear, all you have to do is put in some information on their site and you can download it directly from them. Click Here.

New Music Video! Curren$y- “Hold On” (ft. Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver)

This beat is way too sick, Curren$y and his boys bring a dope flow with it too. He’s been dropping a lot of videos lately, looks like a JET movement is on the way. Keep posted for more videos on the Fresh for him and we have plenty more in previous entries. Check check the remedy.

Apple The First To Create Holographic 3-D Images, No Glasses Needed!

Apple 3-D

Patents have shown that Apple is planning to create holographic displays on its computers. Apple has always been at the forefront on new technology with such a high amount of capital used for Research and Development. This patent shows that Apple is getting close to the point where 3-D can be done without the use of glasses on a consumer level.

Holographic iPhone?

This may be an example of what this technology could look like in a modern iPhone. Of course when they come out with their final product it will look much different, but this is definitely a reasonable estimate.

Star Wars Technology Finally Modern?

Star Wars had always pushed the technological side to what they saw would be the future and these high tech companies have finally caught up. This will be an amazing advancement in technology to the consumer level and will be sure to fly off the shelves just as all the other innovative Apple products have done in years past.

More information on this story can be found here.

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