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Jay-Z books 50 rooms for tomorrow.

According to the Harald Sun in Arizona the Jigga Man has booked 50 rooms for his party tomorrow in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Looks like he is spreading a lot of love considering he’s getting paid a whopping $1,000,000 just for one show. The rooms are requested for his entourage and personal security (we all know what happened to Pac in Vegas).

Some guests for this event include Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Wahlberg, Kristin Davis, Ellen Pompeo, and Jessica Szohr, among many others.


Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg are going to box?

Apparently some promoter has put up $1,000,000 for these two to go at it. Who do you think would win? They both played some sort of boxing role in their movies. If we were to go by character in film then Will Smith would most definitely take the crown, since he was Ali.

Damon Feldman is the promoter and he wants to show people that not only can these two men act as boxers but they can actually do the real thing in the ring. Both fighters have trained for their roles previously and Wahlberg has even considered a career in boxing instead of acting. Supposedly he’s mentioned before that if he did take up boxing earlier in his life then he could have taken on Manny Pacquiao. Cool your jets Mark, I wouldn’t take it that far.

How much money does Drake make per show?

Want to know how much Young Money’s own makes every time he hits the stage. Some people may feel that it’s less than expected, but this number is ridiculous if you ask me. Pockets on pizza dough.

Drake pulls in $150,000 every time he hits the stage.

“I am on a 24 hour, champagne diet”

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