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50 Cent Shoveling Walkways For $100 A Pop?!

Always On His Grind

If 50 Cent already didn’t have millions and millions of dollars, he has been recently shoveling neighbors driveways and walkways for $100 dollars each. He claimed he could make a grand in a day, but added that he would charge more if they took pictures.

I am still in disbelief that he would take time out of his day to try and make more money, but then again he is an entrepreneur and is always looking for ways to make money.

Here is the first picture posted of 50 Cent himself in action working away.

Here he is again cheezin for the camera this time. Talk about a hustler.

This last tweet got him a few young neighborhood fans to come out and help him make a few extra bucks. Its funny how 50 Cent can break his public image and help out a few young fans make a few extra bucks. It shows his work ethic and that his power to influence young kids can be used for good once in a while. Keep it up Curtis Jackson, I mean 50 Cent.


Eminem x Jay-Z x Dr. Dre x 50 Cent x Stat Quo x Ca$his – Syllables

Woah. This shit caught me by surprise. We posted earlier today about this song possibly coming out in the New Year, but wait no further it drops the same day.  Pretty star studded cast on this song and it sounds very much like the old Em and Dre that we are used to.  Not sure if this is the type of shit on Detox, but we will see. It’s a possibility this could be a future Eminem song. But the song’s got a  great premise considering half of the so-called “hits” that come out these days have terrible lyrics but become popular because of the beat and a stupid chorus. Oh well, atleast this song has some meaningful syllables.  Enjoy people.


Eminem, 50 Cent, Dre, and Jay-Z bringing us a new song?

You heard it right, this is about to go down come 2011. According to DJ Big Mike the 3 of them have been working on something and want to start the new year off right. The song will be called “Syllables” and should be a banger with these guys on it. Can’t wait for it to happen.

New Music Video! YG ft. 50 Cent x Snoop Dogg- “Toot n’ Boot it” (remix)

Snoop Dogg is all about doing them G-mixes these days. Here’s another one with 50 cent and YG for the infamous toot it and boot it song. All that TI$A got em lookin’ way too fresh.

Man I Feel Like MONEYYYYY!!!

Here’s the video for Mann’s party song, Buzzin’  featuring 50 Cent. Pretty money song and video, check it out.  Also download the song here.

New Music! Michael Jackson ft. 50 cent- “Monster”

Quite the odd couple on this track. M J still laying tracks from the grave and lets 50 jump on this one to make a pretty damn good collaboration. Download the track below.


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