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Nick Van Exel’s son commits murder.

This just in, former NBA player Nick Van Exel’s son (Nickey Van Exel) has turned himself in for murder. The murder was of a promising young college hooper friend. The son claims it was an accident, but the police claim it is capital murder since the body was moved and dumped after the shooting. The bail is set at 1 million dollars. Check the footage below for more information.


NBA’s top 10 Plays. December 29th, 2010

The best part about the end of the year is all the top 10’s of everything being put out. This one doesn’t summarize the whole year or anything, just one day. In this one day so many sick plays went down that they had to be wrapped up into a full 10. Check em out below my Freshies.


Tyreke Evans for the WIN!

This game was down to the wire in the end. Tyreke knew he had to do something to help out his fellow Kings. Watch the video and the rest is history.

The Heat won, but…

The Heat won this game, but damn did Lebron get dunked on. By Amare of course. The whole game was the big three pretty much until the Knicks started making a run at it again. At the end the match was down to 4 points until Wade hit another 3 and Lebron drove in for a perfect finish(98-106). Heat are on a crazy streak right now and it looks like no one is stopped them. Good job on the dunk Amare.

Arenas with CRAZY SHOT!

It didn’t count (75 ft.), but still worth a second look. The ball hits the rim, goes off the shot clock (that’s why it didn’t count), and SWISH! Would have been sick to see it count, it’s all good though, they were playing the NETS.

Lebron in trouble?

Looks like Lebron is catching fire for some recent comments he’s made.

“I’m not saying let’s take New Jersey and let’s take Minnesota out of the league. But hey, you guys are not stupid, I’m not stupid, it would be great for the league.”

That’s what he said, pretty much stating that the bad teams should be taken out of the league. He also mentioned taking players like Kevin Love or Brook Lopez and putting them on better teams. The main point Lebron was trying to get at was making the league more competitive and not have teams that can just get ran over every night.

A lot of people in the basketball world are looking at this as a sign of disrespect from Lebron and are questioning whether or not he really wants to play that much in the league. He doesn’t have a ring yet, so I’m pretty sure he’s good to stick around for a while.

For more witty Lebron quotes click here.



Looks like Chucks got a little song for us.

With all the mash-ups going on, this one is hilarious, T-Mobile, D-Wade, and Charles Barkley get together for a pretty funny commercial. Chuck makes a statement on TV, then Cool N Dre chop it up with some auto tune to make a nice little cut. The video is below, you don’t wanna miss this laugh attack.

Merry Christmas, these plays are RE-DICK!

When I say Re-Dick, I mean ridiculous for those of you that have no street smarts. The plays below are from the City of Palms Tournament. All the best in the nation play in the tournament including #1 recruit Austin Rivers (he gets banged on). These guys can dunk like no other and they’re all in high school. It’s like all little Lebrons running out there. Check Check.

Did somebody say SportsCenter highlight?

Memphis’ D.J. Stephens giving Georgetown’s Hollis Thompson an early Christmas present.

A Little Brawl Between Teammates??

Before the Utah and Hawaii game Thursday night in the Diamond head classic, there was a little scuffle in the stands. Players Renardo Sidney and and Elgin Bailey got into it and weren’t even on the court. Even stranger than that, is they are both on the same Mississippi State team!! Wonder what sparked the blows? Probably was the 83-57 whoopin put on ’em by the Washington State Cougs a couple days ago. Take a look fresh-followers.

Cougs Top No. 15 Baylor!

The Washington State Cougars were able to edge off the No. 15 Baylor Bears 77-71 Thursday night, advancing to the finals in the Diamond Head Classic. The Cougs led by 20 in the second half, but the Bears were able to chip away at the deficit as Klay Thompson (20 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steals) had to sit due to foul trouble. With 6:49 left in the game, Baylor’s LaceDarius Dunn (29 points) hit a jumper to give his Bear’s a 62-61 lead capping a 29-6 run. After two free throws from Dunn, Baylor’s lead was up to three . . . but that’s when Mr. Thompson decided he had had enough. The Cougar’s re-took the lead 66-64 off a Thompson three with 4:29 left. Then he all but sealed the deal with another ‘tre’ with 1:10 remaining, and putting the nail in the coffin making two free throws with 32 seconds left.

Some fans may be mad that the Cougs let a 20-point slip away, but rather why not look at it as a positive. On the road our Washington State Cougars showed us everything we could have asked for. Yes at one point they were smackin’ some ass up by double-digits, but when faced with adversity down the stretch, the Cougs were able to do what matters most, and that’s FINISH. The Fresh-Makers like the Cougar’s chances in the Pac-10 this year and even predict a possible post-season tourny bid. Look for Washington State to crack the top 25 in the next week fresh-followers. And as always GO COUGS!!!

Kobe gets tossed out.

I mean I would get pissed too, look at the score 92 -77 and the Bucks are winning? Look at his mouth when he gets tossed out. I’m pretty sure a huge “F*ck You!” goes out to someone. Hopefully he can get along better with the other players come Christmas when he has to face Lebron and the Miami Heat. Can’t wait for that game and you can guarantee we will do some sort of coverage on it.

Blake Griffin nearly loses his head.

A lot of people may think why we cover this dude so much. I try not to personally, but then he comes out and has a dunk that is better than the previous one. Here he’s is transition and gets an alley-oop for the slam, nearly losing his head in the process. Seriously look at where his arm pit is compared to the rim, and he has to duck his head down for protection. Blake Griffin you are super-human. And Fresh-U certified of course.

Best Dunk Contest.

Marshall Plumlee

So you know how the NBA dunk contests have been terrible lately, well this one is a lot different, probably because it’s in high school. These guys jump right out of the gym on every dunk and don’t give a damn (Get in there Lebron and Kobe). One of the best dunk-offs I have ever seen and they’re not even in college yet. The featured dunkers are Deuce Bello, Ike Nwamu, Shaquille Johnson, Marshall Plumee, and Demetrius Morant.

Oh Mr. Griffin, You Never Cease to Amaze us

It’s all in the title Fresh-Followers, whenever Blake Griffin is mentioned, a jaw-dropping highlight will follow. As always, enjoy!

Man how many dunks does this kid have already?

In case you do want to count all of his dunks, here’s his season so far. Damn I did not know he has been bangin’ on fools day in day out, guy’s head is at the rim EVERY time.

Austin Rivers goes off for 43 points (in the first 3 qrtrs)

We’ve posted articles about this kid before, and then he had to catch our attention again. Looks like all his classmates got mad love for him going crazy in the stands. He mentions before the game on how he will not lose and then goes off and scores 43 points in the first three quarters of the game. Most NBA players can’t do that the whole time in and this guy does it in three short little quarters of high-school basketball. Check out the footage, he just clowns on all of his opponents.

Setting the NBA on Fire, the Miami Heat.


Confused what that image up there is? That is the box score from the Knicks vs. Heat game last night. The Knicks are on a hot streak right now also but they were finally put to the real test last night. All this talk about the Heat not being able to get it together is now over. Lebron “fuc*ed around and got a triple double”. You have to see this game footage, Lebron made it look so easy that I think he was playing with his eyes closed. And what’s up with Wade? The dude is jumping higher and higher every game dunking on whoever he wants.

James ended up 32 points, 10 assists and 11 rebound. Those assists that I just named, they weren’t just any old regular pass, Jumping up in the air behind the back passes, no looks, alley-oops, yeah those kind of passes. James has also perfected his spin move 100%, nobody was stopping that stuff.

D-Wade also played a huge part in this game with statistics of 26 points, and 8 rebounds. Another reason you need to watch a re-cap of this game is to see the dunks D-Wade throws down and the passes he throws up to James. Unbelievable.

Oh and there is one more player by the name of Chris Bosh that all you fresh-followers cannot forget about. He ended up with 26 points and 7 rebounds. Combined scoring for the BIG THREE = 84 points…wow!

Here’s a recap of the game for everyone.

Michael Vick steals the Spotlight at 76ers game

So I had no idea he was such a huge icon already in Philly. He walks into the game to take his seat and the whole place goes nuts. Once he walked nobody knew there was a basketball game happening anymore. It is good to see someone come back from a situation like his and show people that he can still do it. Vick is a talented dude, sure he did a horrible thing to animals, but other sources say that he wants to own his first dog again. We will see how that plays out. Good job Vick you are once again a hero.

Melo to the Nets?

Naaaaaat! (not) Even Melo was shocked by this allegation. Check out his reaction when a reporter asks him about officially going to the Nets. Things are just getting weird now, why in the world would he ever want to go there? And who from the Nets would even be able to replace him in Denver, the whole roster?

“Nah dog”

What in the world are they feeding these kids?

Alright honestly what is going on here? Are these kids getting roids in their cereal super early now a days? First we post an 11 year old that can bang out now this guy shatters the backboard. I swear they’ll be 360-windmilling with their eyes closed at the age of 7 pretty soon. Check out the footage, the commentator is a pretty funny part too.

“oooooooh NOOOOO WTF”

Oh and then right after finding that freshness, I came across this.

But it doesn’t stop there, let’s just have a dunk contest with this post. D-Wade sending fools into the stands?

There ya have it, now you be the judge.

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