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Best Live moments of 2010.

Since rappers can’t make that much now off just straight music, a lot of touring has been going on. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but these guys are all on the road way more than they used to be. With free music being as easy to get as a breath of fresh air, they are somewhat forced into this. Personally I like that they have to go on the road, there’s nothing like seeing your favorite artist live and in person. Here are some of the best performance moments of 2010.

1. Drake brings out Eminem to perform “Forever” in Toronto, Canada.

2. Jay-Z performs ” Empire State of Mind” inside Yankees Stadium.

3. The Dipset reunion concert in NY. (Cam’Ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freeky Zeekey)

4. Wiz Khalifa performs “Black and Yellow” in Pittsburgh, PA. (this is the city’s anthem)

5. Drake brings out Lil’ Wayne for the first time since his prison release.

That last one gives me the chills every time I watch it. All he says after the performance is “I’m back” and the crowd goes insane!


Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross do it again! (New Track)

This is what happens when you stay up late, you run across some new music that nobody has heard of yet because they’re sleeping. Song is called “Retrosuperfuture”. Making up their own words now but I like it. Check it out below, beat is nice, slow, and smooth. Just how Wiz and Ross like em’.


Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in the Lab!

The two biggest pot heads get together once again after their recording of the “Black and Yellow G-Mix“. I feel like Snoop and Wiz would get along just fine, considering they both dance the same, smoke mass amounts of weed, are SUPER skinny, and once again love that greenery. They are basically the Cheech and Chong of hip hop.

UPDATE: I guess Snoop just gave this to Wiz. HAhahahaha (Wiz laugh)

Looks like they’re taking a nice smoke break while working on some magic. I wonder what they will come out with next. Great duo right here, they should just start touring together. According to Wiz’s twitter account they also shot the video for the “Black and Yellow G-mix” today. Should be pretty fresh. Here’s some proof.

New Lance Armstrong Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are starting to look a lot cooler than the old steel frame and handle bars, but this one takes the cake. Want to look cool while you working out and help support a major charity. These new Lance Armstrong stationary bikes cost $1,700 but $1,000 of the proceeds go to the Livestrong foundation. No Wiz Khalifa, but this black and yellow bike is limited to only 500 units. If you like what you see you can pre-order the limited edition bike right here.

Final Black and Yellow G-Mix is out now!!!

Finally! Wiz has been promising everyone an official remix with Snoop for a while now, he even laid down a new verse for this one. Out of all the versions I would say this is the best one. “Pocket full of Celtics”


Wiz Khalifa: Artist of the Year

Now  we don’t really  do many huge personal opinion write-ups around here like most blogs do, but this time I had to. I have never seen an artist take his talents as far as Wiz Khalifa has all by himself. This man single handedly took the whole Taylor Gang and turned it into an empire. I have been to two of his shows and unlike most artists, it is a different feel every time. A lot of these cats out here have the same stage routine every damn show they do and if you go to more than one  it can get very repetitive. Wiz does something new every time and knows how to please his audience. Of course there are Wiz Khalifa haters out there but that’s expected. The most impressive thing to me about the wizzle man is how close he is to his fans. Even while he’s surrounded by cameras, record executives, and other artists he still manages to keep up with his fans on twitter and make them feel as if he’s is there with them. When trying to book Wiz last year I remember hearing ” He’s sold out 48 of his 50 shows this past year.” Which is pretty damn impressive considering the fact that he wasn’t even signed to Atlantic yet. His hit single “Black and Yellow” just went gold and was the number one song on i-Tunes. I don’t know about you Fresh Followers but I have been listening to Wiz since the start, but now Black and Yellow got him even more fans.

He is currently working on a remix of the song ( new verse) with Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, and Juicy Jay. This is the hardest working man in the music industry right now and he has done it all on his own. Constantly doing shows,photo shoots, interviews, shooting music videos, making appearances isn’t as easy as it looks. He is working non-stop and has made it to the top, but according to Weezy there are no ceilings and I see Wiz going up and up until he’s done with all of this. Congrats to Wiz Khalifa on the Golden Track and you my friend get artist of the year on Fresh University.

Here’s what Wiz has been up to lately, this 11-minute interview is a tell all of the road, his favorite herb, and new moves he is making. Check the footage below.

Black and Yellow to turns to Gold

After making the internet and the music industry go crazy with his hit song “Black and Yellow” Wiz now has another reason to pop bottles. The single turned Gold yesterday, rumors say he’s working on another remix of it with a crazy ass line up. Be on the look out for that one on your number one source for new music, Fresh-University!

The Black & Yellow MEGAMIX IS HERE!!

Man this is a huge roster. You got Wizzle man, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, T-pain and Maino on this track to make the “Black and Yellow” Megamix. Download by clicking the link below.


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