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New Music! Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes x Lil’ Wayne- “Look at Me Now”

Wooo this one is way too hot. Got the hit maker Chris Brown teaming up with Weezy and Busta? Now that’s a killer combo of artists. Click below to download, you do not want to miss this.




Chris Brown is Tatted.

Chris Brown turned to his Twitter page today to show his fans all of his new tattoos. Apparently the wings across his chest are the newest addition. Getting pretty filled up there.

After getting the idea for this post, I figured we might as well take a look at some other famous tatted people. Check em out.

Rick Ross is very tatted also, even though the site of him with his shirt off isn’t too exciting.

We all know Wiz Khalifa is inked up and doesn’t “give a motherfu*k”. He also is a self-proclaimed king of ink.

If you’ve caught any Nuggets games this year, you can see that Chris Anderson is fully covered also, his new neck tattoo has been making a lot of noise lately across the internet. I guess that’s what happens when you used to do meth.

Even though Wiz claims in one of his interviews that he is the “King of Ink”, I believe it to be Lil’ Wayne. He probably has the most covered body out of anyone, including face and legs. His partner in crime Birdman also has a lot but those are just ridiculous. Look below and you will see what I mean.

That’s got to be over kill. Anyways YMCMB 100 haha.

Are all these tattoos just a fad or what? Every NBA and NFL star is now getting covered, this was not happening too long ago. I’m pretty sure the music industry sets huge trends when it comes to this stuff. Anyways I don’t mind it, tat tat tatted up.

New Music! Plies ft. Chris Brown- “Oh Yeah”

Haven’t heard anything from Plies for a while, but Brizzy is always doin’ something. Here’s the newest from the two finally getting together on a track. Top 5 songs on most hip hop blogs today so it’s gotta be a good one. Check it below.


Chris Brown completes his Domestic Violence Courses

We all know what happened with the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna story. He beat her up. Of course the first thing to do is look at Chris Brown and call him a horrible person, or like Wal-Mart did, ban his cds from hitting the shelves. But does anyone look at what Chris Brown has been doing to improve his image, to learn that what he did was wrong and never do it again? Well here you go, this is Brown’s certificate from his domestic violence courses.

He has finally completed all of his domestic violence courses which consisted of attendance for 52 weeks straight. Hard to see how he could have time for all this with all the appearances he’s been making. Big ups to Chris for graduating, this doesn’t cover up what happened, but it’s good that he’s making an effort to help himself and others.

Breezy is currently serving a 5-year probation term which includes 180 hours of community service.

On a different note, here’s a look at Breezy’s latest appearance in Jae Millz new video ” Green Goblin”

We find what YOU can’t. Chris Brown in the Studio with Big Sean

Was looking for some studio time footage earlier and this as just uploaded onto YouTube about 5minutes ago. Check this out its Chris Brown and Big Sean working on some new stuff together. I think it was the TISA clothing that had brought them together haha. Well anyways just watch the video, you’ll see.

New Music! Diddy Dirty Money ft. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Rich Girl- “I know”

Diddy and his girls team up with some of the best to create this one! Go ahead and download, don’t be shy.


New Mixtape! Chris Brown: In my Zone 2

That’s right, Chris Brown is in his zone again. This is a sick mixtape that everyone should cop asap. Click the link below to download.

Chris Brown in my zone 2

A Must Have! Michael Jackson ft. Akon- “Hold my Hand”

Michael Jackson back from the dead? These songs are starting to leak off his new album every day like crazy. Akon jumped on this one to lace the track with some awesome vocals. Surprised to see this team working together? I sure am. A must have track for sure though, need it to complete the Mike Jack collection. Click the link below to download or listen.

Michael Jackson ft. Akon- Hold My hand

PS: Check out this Chris Brown Michael Jackson Tribute



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