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Jim Jones droppin’ a Mixtape.

What’s tomorrow? We all know, New Years Eve. And while all of us will be watching the ball drop Jim Jones is set to release his new mixtape “Coke Rush”. Should be out tomorrow morning, so make sure to visit back, we will have it here waiting for you. Happy New Years to all Fresh-followers.



Best Live moments of 2010.

Since rappers can’t make that much now off just straight music, a lot of touring has been going on. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but these guys are all on the road way more than they used to be. With free music being as easy to get as a breath of fresh air, they are somewhat forced into this. Personally I like that they have to go on the road, there’s nothing like seeing your favorite artist live and in person. Here are some of the best performance moments of 2010.

1. Drake brings out Eminem to perform “Forever” in Toronto, Canada.

2. Jay-Z performs ” Empire State of Mind” inside Yankees Stadium.

3. The Dipset reunion concert in NY. (Cam’Ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freeky Zeekey)

4. Wiz Khalifa performs “Black and Yellow” in Pittsburgh, PA. (this is the city’s anthem)

5. Drake brings out Lil’ Wayne for the first time since his prison release.

That last one gives me the chills every time I watch it. All he says after the performance is “I’m back” and the crowd goes insane!

We Would like to Introduce: Aarab Muzik

Many of you may not know, but this kid is a problem. I’m not saying he’s a problem in a bad way, it’s a very good thing. By looking at his watch in the first video you can tell this guy is getting “chipped off” (makin’ money) these days. He is affiliated with the whole dipset crew and his weapon of choice is the MPC. You might have seen Kanye use one of these when he performed Runaway at the VMA’s. But honestly, I don’t think even Kanye has the touch that Aarab does. Just watch and learn.

And there you have it, you can grab you inhaler now.


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