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NBA’s top 10 Plays. December 29th, 2010

The best part about the end of the year is all the top 10’s of everything being put out. This one doesn’t summarize the whole year or anything, just one day. In this one day so many sick plays went down that they had to be wrapped up into a full 10. Check em out below my Freshies.



Blake Griffin nearly loses his head.

A lot of people may think why we cover this dude so much. I try not to personally, but then he comes out and has a dunk that is better than the previous one. Here he’s is transition and gets an alley-oop for the slam, nearly losing his head in the process. Seriously look at where his arm pit is compared to the rim, and he has to duck his head down for protection. Blake Griffin you are super-human. And Fresh-U certified of course.

Oh Mr. Griffin, You Never Cease to Amaze us

It’s all in the title Fresh-Followers, whenever Blake Griffin is mentioned, a jaw-dropping highlight will follow. As always, enjoy!

Man how many dunks does this kid have already?

In case you do want to count all of his dunks, here’s his season so far. Damn I did not know he has been bangin’ on fools day in day out, guy’s head is at the rim EVERY time.

What in the world are they feeding these kids?

Alright honestly what is going on here? Are these kids getting roids in their cereal super early now a days? First we post an 11 year old that can bang out now this guy shatters the backboard. I swear they’ll be 360-windmilling with their eyes closed at the age of 7 pretty soon. Check out the footage, the commentator is a pretty funny part too.

“oooooooh NOOOOO WTF”

Oh and then right after finding that freshness, I came across this.

But it doesn’t stop there, let’s just have a dunk contest with this post. D-Wade sending fools into the stands?

There ya have it, now you be the judge.

Never try to One-Up Vinsanity!

So this is a little footage from the ‘Big Tigger’s Annual Celebrity Classic’, benefiting HIV/AIDS charity events. Obviously not a lot of defense is played in this game, but that’s how we get highlights fresh-followers. No. 37 in black is no-other than the one and only Vince Carter, starting off the video with a crazy windmill dunk. On the other end of the court, some jokester in white attempts to one-up him, but then Mr. Carter assures him there is only one Vinsanity.


Could you dunk at 11 years old?

You probably answered no, but that is not the response of 11-year-old dunker Adrian Moore. This kid can fly and I’m guessing he is only in the 7th grade. Lebron can jump out of the building and he started banging out in 8th grade. This guy will be at the shot clock by high school. Check it out for yourself below.

Check these dunks! Lebron is goin’ nuts.

So you saw Lebron play the CAVS and tell the fans of Cleveland to shut their mouths already. Now he is on another mission and apparently it is to eliminate anyone on his way to a championship. These next couple dunks really look like Lebron is once again making a statement not to be F’d with. Check the footage below, pretty amazing stuff for you Fresh followers.

oh and…


Marvin Williams with a WTF dunk. (Way Too Fresh)

Marvin Williams posterizing two Knicks players. This one is pretty intense. Have a look below.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Since it’s Sunday and we’re all feelin’ GREAT here at Fresh University we figured we would grace our viewers with the most insane sports clips today. We’re about to give you a triple up of the craziest plays in the NBA. That’s right we’ve got clutch shots, crossovers, and dunks. Hope you enjoy, these are insane!


Top Ten High School Dunks of all Time!

These dunks are insane! In high school I used to get excited if I touched the rim, never could I imagine doing some of this crazy isht. The backboard breaking is my favorite, has to feel so good. Let me know what you think of these dunks!

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