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Cavaliers fan gets beat up.

Don’t rock your Cavs jersey to a Heat game, it will not work out so well as you can tell from this clip. The dude is chanting something probably really annoying and ten minutes later it gets taken care of.


A Little Brawl Between Teammates??

Before the Utah and Hawaii game Thursday night in the Diamond head classic, there was a little scuffle in the stands. Players Renardo Sidney and and Elgin Bailey got into it and weren’t even on the court. Even stranger than that, is they are both on the same Mississippi State team!! Wonder what sparked the blows? Probably was the 83-57 whoopin put on ’em by the Washington State Cougs a couple days ago. Take a look fresh-followers.

Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg are going to box?

Apparently some promoter has put up $1,000,000 for these two to go at it. Who do you think would win? They both played some sort of boxing role in their movies. If we were to go by character in film then Will Smith would most definitely take the crown, since he was Ali.

Damon Feldman is the promoter and he wants to show people that not only can these two men act as boxers but they can actually do the real thing in the ring. Both fighters have trained for their roles previously and Wahlberg has even considered a career in boxing instead of acting. Supposedly he’s mentioned before that if he did take up boxing earlier in his life then he could have taken on Manny Pacquiao. Cool your jets Mark, I wouldn’t take it that far.

Jets Shaun Ellis (Jets) throws snowball at Seahawks fan.

Dude got fined $10,000 for this, most def not a good idea. I think its funny how we can throw snowballs at them though. This video was taken by a fan in the stands. That snowball he threw was huge though man these guys are way too strong. Check the footage below. As you can see it was #92 who threw the snowball, I looked up the Jets roster and found that the culprit was DE Shaun Ellis.

That would be one scary man to get into an actual snowball fight with.

UFC Fighter Kimbo Slice Dies (FALSE)


So supposedly rumors have been storming around that Kevin Ferguson (his real name) died Saturday night from injuries suffered after his brutal fight with former NFL vet Matt Mitrione. Apparently Kimbo suffered a significant amount of brute trauma to the head during the fight. He was rushed to a local hospital at midnight and was pronounced dead on arrival. Kimbo Slice got his fame from his internet street fighting videos like the one below. If this is true then he will be leaving behind 6 children and girlfriend Antionette Ray.

Fresh-U is not confirming the death, just keeping you “Freshly” informed on what’s being talked about.

UPDATE: Kimbo Slice just updated his twitter 37 minutes ago, he is fine and dandy, this rumor has been demolished.



Man this would be embarrassing…

Guy gets caught up with two girls. The old girl doesn’t like the new one, some pretty intense isht goes down. Check the footage for more info.

Massive Brawl Breaks out at Party Hosted By Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton goes out to a party that’s hosted by her, some drunk ass gets into it with the security, turns into a huge brawl. Check the footage!

Hate to say I told you so. Margarito to the ER.

So last week we posted something about the Manny vs. Margarito fight. If you were to scroll down you can see what our prediction for this fight was. Gladly, we were correct. Here’s some footage of Margarito being driven away to the hospital after Manny put a few dents in his face. I don’t think that man will be seeing anything out of that eye for a while.

Tonight Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao vs. Antonio “Bout to get his Ass Beat” Margarito

“Will Manny Pacquiao’s speed and agility be enough to combat Antonio Margarito’s size advantage?” -espn.com

PacMan weighed in at 144.6 coming in light against Bout to Get his Ass Beat’s 150. Many wonder whether Pacquiao’s speed and agility will be able to match Margarito’s size. Our decision: the PacMan won’t be able to knock this fat ass out, but the ref will stop the fight after he beats this sucka UP!!! Don’t believe us? The proof is in the video above. Contact your local service provider for PPV options, haha. <<< that sounded way too professional.

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