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Final George Pics of 2010.


You didn’t think I was going to let the year just tick by without one more George Pic did you? 2010 was a great year for George (as far as pictures go). With the cramming of girls into his room and lots of party opportunities, a lot of great shots came from wherever he was. Here are some of them to sum up the year.

Here we have George surrounded by what looks like girls. One of George’s favorite activities is to go into his room, invite a bunch of girls, and then forget how they got there. Here we have him taking a nice snooze on his home made quilt while the ladies around him pose for the camera. Looks like the one in the corner didn’t want to be captured, makes sense.

Looks like this one came from the same night, sometimes you can find George diggin’ for gold as if he was a San Francisco 49er (the name originated from the Gold Rush in California). Hopefully he got was he was looking for. I will be spending time with George tonight as we bring in the new year and hopefully none of this is happening.

And for the 3rd and final photo to wrap up 2010.

Everyone in the circle of trust knows this, George is a huge Michael Jackson fan (R.I.P). He is also a huge fan of starring at nothing. In this picture we have George glancing down at the floor while someone else is petting him. Now after very thorough scientific studies, experimentation shows that usually dogs, cats, any household pet, or babies get petted. Now with this photo evidence we can conclude that George does too. His phone is also in his hand indicating that he just typed a message that made no sense.

Happy New Years George and I’m looking forward to seeing more great images in 2011.


Chris Rock clowns on Oprah and Obama. (super funny)

Some of the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard here. Looks like some huge award ceremony is going on but Chris Rock doesn’t care. He just starts clowning on Oprah and Obama, good jokes too, check em’ out.

Wack rapper gets smacked in the face!

Hahaha I actually love the fact that he got slapped cause his bars were garbage. But check it out, this is set up, everyone knows about it but him. Next thing you know ….BAP! Great video.

Here’s another great slappin’ while rappin’ but this time it’s serious.

This babies first word is…

Hahaha I’m not going to say until the video plays but this is pretty damn funny. Every question answered the same way. The slicked back Al Pachino look is workin for him too.


Ed Reed’s Jacket Catches fire.

Hahaha don’t know how a fire started out there but somehow it caught Ed Reed’s jacket on fire. Just sitting on the sidelines and a bunch of smoke starts to come up. Of course the announcers sound super corny. See what happened below.

Raiders vs. Chargers FIGHT!

No not the team, the fans in the parking lot after the game, this is hilarious. Most of the dudes are smashed but it’s all good, still makes for a pretty good video.

Hilarious Hip-Hop Christmas Parody!

Yo yo yo its Weezy, Rick Ross, Jeezy and Plies all in one HOOD ASS Christmas Carol. Pretty funny stuff right here, thought it would be right for the holiday season.

“It’s a Personal Matter”_ Rex Ryan

I’m sure you’ve heard about the foot fetish videos that Rex Ryan’s wife is allegedly in? Well if not here’s the skinny: Some video leaked of his wife showing off her feet, the narrator in the back sounds just like Rex. This has been flying all over the NFL. When asked about the issue, this is all the Jets coach has to say.

A Little Brawl Between Teammates??

Before the Utah and Hawaii game Thursday night in the Diamond head classic, there was a little scuffle in the stands. Players Renardo Sidney and and Elgin Bailey got into it and weren’t even on the court. Even stranger than that, is they are both on the same Mississippi State team!! Wonder what sparked the blows? Probably was the 83-57 whoopin put on ’em by the Washington State Cougs a couple days ago. Take a look fresh-followers.

Kobe gets tossed out.

I mean I would get pissed too, look at the score 92 -77 and the Bucks are winning? Look at his mouth when he gets tossed out. I’m pretty sure a huge “F*ck You!” goes out to someone. Hopefully he can get along better with the other players come Christmas when he has to face Lebron and the Miami Heat. Can’t wait for that game and you can guarantee we will do some sort of coverage on it.

Eli shows up to press conference and no one is there.

HAHA this is hilarious. After the Eagles stomped out the Giants Eli Manning returns to the locker room to attend his press conference and no one is there. Literally nobody wanted to talk to him, one dude showed up. So funny just seeing one small dude coming into all the empty seats and then Eli awkwardly stands at the podium and starts the conference. They deserve this for the comeback they got against them.


Redneck Celebrates Eagles win.


Alright so this is cousin Billy. To me he looks like Danny McBride or Kenny Powers from East Bound and Down. He says that if the Eagles win the game (beat the Giants) then he will take his shirt off and run around the neighborhood screaming. Looks like he lives up to his word, pretty funny at the end when the other family member tries to chest bump him, the most uncoordinated dude I’ve ever seen.


Are the JETS cheating?

Don’t get me wrong I love this team, Rex and Reevis are my dudes, but a lot of footage has been surfacing as of late. First we have the snowball incident, now they’re saying that even the non-playing staff is putting out special line-ups to trip players? These accusations are ridiculous I think. The NFL needs to get back to mud slingin, head bussin’, bone breakin’ football, none of these no hard hits rules and now cheating accusations. Play the game don’t let the game play you.

Then you also have another incident with Tyler Brayton from the Panthers (gets fined $15k). This has made a lot of news lately, tackling outside of the game? Not cool bro.


New Music! The Lonely Island Ft. Akon- “I Just Had Sex”

So we just posted the video from this SNL skit, but now we also have the audio file for you. This song is hilarious and is a must have for all the fresh-followers out there. These guys always make good tracks, I’m sure everyone has bumped ” I’m on a Boat” over 100 times by now, try this one out now.


Cop Catches Robbery In Progress!

So apparently this cop was coming into the store to get a tape from a crime scene that happened the day before, then he happens to walk in on another robbery in the same store. He proceeds to take care of the situation, talk about killing two birds with one stone.

President Obama and Kobe Talking Sh*t?

Not as bad as you think, but still a pretty funny story. Obama and Kobe met up together at a boys and girls club for an annual “champions meet president” event. Instead of finding a common ground, they decided to talk trash to eachother.

Referring to the Lakers recent loss to the Bulls Mr. President said to Kobe, ” Derrick Rose may have your number.” Instead of Kobe laughing about it he turned into somewhat of a competitor against the president and said ” If he calls that number, I’ll be sure to pick up after the 5th ring,” referring to the 5 championship rings Kobe has.

I guess Obama was referring to Rose being on the rise and Kobe nearing the end of his career. Pretty funny stuff, looks like Obama lost another vote in the 2012 elections. HA

And what’s up with this picture? Obama is shaving a little boy…

no clue.

Usher gets kicked in the Face!


We all know what Usher does at his shows. He starts out popping out of the ground, does a few songs, takes his shirt off, serenades some fan, and then gets kicked in the face. Well not every time, but this time it happened. He invited some chick wearing the biggest sweater I have ever seen on stage and does a little song for her. She then gets way too into it and ends up boppin’ him in the face. It’s pretty funny to see how she reacts to the injury, starts rubbin’ him down and all.

Old Man gets scared by nothing.

hahaha. This is awesome, dude sets down some waters and walks over to have a conversation. In the mean time something happens, but what is it? We have no idea.

Cheetah Leaves something for zoologist. (haha)

Ha, this is pretty funny. Guy had it coming though, you can’t be gettin’ that close to em’.

Best Fails of 2010!

This video is the “Bees-knees”. We all love to watch people fall, wipe out, eat shit, all of the above. Gathering all the great fails from 2010 this footage will bring you non-stop laughter and jaw dropping scenarios. Check it out below!

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