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Merry Christmas, these plays are RE-DICK!

When I say Re-Dick, I mean ridiculous for those of you that have no street smarts. The plays below are from the City of Palms Tournament. All the best in the nation play in the tournament including #1 recruit Austin Rivers (he gets banged on). These guys can dunk like no other and they’re all in high school. It’s like all little Lebrons running out there. Check Check.


Best Dunk Contest.

Marshall Plumlee

So you know how the NBA dunk contests have been terrible lately, well this one is a lot different, probably because it’s in high school. These guys jump right out of the gym on every dunk and don’t give a damn (Get in there Lebron and Kobe). One of the best dunk-offs I have ever seen and they’re not even in college yet. The featured dunkers are Deuce Bello, Ike Nwamu, Shaquille Johnson, Marshall Plumee, and Demetrius Morant.

Austin Rivers goes off for 43 points (in the first 3 qrtrs)

We’ve posted articles about this kid before, and then he had to catch our attention again. Looks like all his classmates got mad love for him going crazy in the stands. He mentions before the game on how he will not lose and then goes off and scores 43 points in the first three quarters of the game. Most NBA players can’t do that the whole time in and this guy does it in three short little quarters of high-school basketball. Check out the footage, he just clowns on all of his opponents.

What in the world are they feeding these kids?

Alright honestly what is going on here? Are these kids getting roids in their cereal super early now a days? First we post an 11 year old that can bang out now this guy shatters the backboard. I swear they’ll be 360-windmilling with their eyes closed at the age of 7 pretty soon. Check out the footage, the commentator is a pretty funny part too.

“oooooooh NOOOOO WTF”

Oh and then right after finding that freshness, I came across this.

But it doesn’t stop there, let’s just have a dunk contest with this post. D-Wade sending fools into the stands?

There ya have it, now you be the judge.

John Wall crossed up by high-schooler Austin Rivers

Yes that #24 was in fact a senior at Winter Park High School in Florida. At 6’4″ 189 lbs,  Rivers (Doc Rivers’ son) is the No. 1 overall rank in ESPN Top 100 in the Class of ’11. This attacking point guard signed with Duke, while also considering North Carolina and Kansas. I know right,real tough decision. Well for those of you who are wondering who this kid is, let me present to you fresh-followers Mr. Austin Rivers.


Locker Room Boxing (kid gets dropped hard)

So you know how this goes, two freshmen in high school want to prove something. They go get the gloves and it’s battle time, not one has any idea how to actually box so they throw hay makers until somebody goes down. This video is pretty damn intense, watch the drop, you don’t want to miss this.

2010 Top Plays: High School Ball. Vol. 1

Peep these high school plays, this isht is ridiculous.




WITNESSing a Legend!

Now say what you want about Bron Bron, but when it comes down to it (even with no ring) he will go down as one as the best players of all time. Here is a little blast from the WAAAAY past. Nothing out of the ordinary, I mean Kobe was interviewed by ESPN when he was a senior in high school too right??

And you know that FreshUniversity isn’t going to say goodbye without a highlight reel that leaves you drooling at your computer screen like you just found a new nudey website! ENJOY KIDS

Top Ten High School Dunks of all Time!

These dunks are insane! In high school I used to get excited if I touched the rim, never could I imagine doing some of this crazy isht. The backboard breaking is my favorite, has to feel so good. Let me know what you think of these dunks!

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