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New Music Video! Curren$y- “Hold On” (ft. Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver)

This beat is way too sick, Curren$y and his boys bring a dope flow with it too. He’s been dropping a lot of videos lately, looks like a JET movement is on the way. Keep posted for more videos on the Fresh for him and we have plenty more in previous entries. Check check the remedy.


“It’s a Personal Matter”_ Rex Ryan

I’m sure you’ve heard about the foot fetish videos that Rex Ryan’s wife is allegedly in? Well if not here’s the skinny: Some video leaked of his wife showing off her feet, the narrator in the back sounds just like Rex. This has been flying all over the NFL. When asked about the issue, this is all the Jets coach has to say.

Are the JETS cheating?

Don’t get me wrong I love this team, Rex and Reevis are my dudes, but a lot of footage has been surfacing as of late. First we have the snowball incident, now they’re saying that even the non-playing staff is putting out special line-ups to trip players? These accusations are ridiculous I think. The NFL needs to get back to mud slingin, head bussin’, bone breakin’ football, none of these no hard hits rules and now cheating accusations. Play the game don’t let the game play you.

Then you also have another incident with Tyler Brayton from the Panthers (gets fined $15k). This has made a lot of news lately, tackling outside of the game? Not cool bro.


Jets Shaun Ellis (Jets) throws snowball at Seahawks fan.

Dude got fined $10,000 for this, most def not a good idea. I think its funny how we can throw snowballs at them though. This video was taken by a fan in the stands. That snowball he threw was huge though man these guys are way too strong. Check the footage below. As you can see it was #92 who threw the snowball, I looked up the Jets roster and found that the culprit was DE Shaun Ellis.

That would be one scary man to get into an actual snowball fight with.

New Music Video! Curren$y- Daze of Thunder

JETS fool. That’s what were all about out here in Fresh land. This video is dope, Curren$y with his lazy flow as always, but I like how he carries himself. Vimeo always puts out the most high-def videos there are so watch this one and enjoy. Jet life Jet life.


Happy Thanksgiving! It’s time for some FOOTBALL!!

Thanksgiving is an amazing day fresh-followers. It is a day to give thanks, eat as much as humanly possible, enjoy time with family and friends, and last but certainly not least, watch some FOOTBALL! In 1934, the glorious tradition was born. It was this year, on turkey day that the 10-1 Detroit Lions hosted the World Champion Chicago Bears (who were coming off an 11 game win streak) in the University of Detroit Stadium. Chicago topped Detroit 19-16, going on to clinch NFL Western Division just three days later. More important than that victory, and more important even than that entire season, was the ritual that was born. This same ritual remains today and with this ritual we are blessed each and every Thanksgiving while stuffing our faces with turkey, we are able to watch a little pigskin.

The Good: Saints at Cowboys
-The always steady New Orleans Saints venture to face off against the rejuvenated Dallas Cowboys. Despite having a very slow start to the season, and Jon Kitna as their starting quarterback; look for the Cowboys to win a very close game, as they are done being embarrassed in their own house.

The Bad: Bengals at Jets
-Mark Sanchez and his receivers are becoming a very dangerous force in the AFC (including winning the last two week’s games in the last minute). Ochocinco and T.O. are going to spend too much time looking into the cameras, and not for the football. After a close first two quarters, the Jets put the second half in cruise control, and easily get their ninth win of the season.

The Ugly: Patriots at Lions
-Not really much to say about this game at all, the Patriots are the Patriots, and the Lions are the Lions. Sorry Detroit fans (actually even players), just stay home and eat turkey.

Game Winning Touchdown? Why not!

There’s sixteen seconds left in the 4th, the score is 27-23 with Houston in the lead. The center snaps the ball to Mark Sanchez, he drops back, 3 steps, surveys the field… and the rest… well you’ll just have to watch the video for that…

Curren$y- “Fashionably Late”

Its JET life fool. I’ve always been a huge fan of Curren$y and he’s been in the studio working hard lately so I had to put the man’s most recent song on here. If you haven’t gotten with the planes or jets movement here’s your first step, listen to this song. Click the link below to download the song if you like! Also have a listen on the SoundCloud!

Curren$y- Fashionably Late

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