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Nick Van Exel’s son commits murder.

This just in, former NBA player Nick Van Exel’s son (Nickey Van Exel) has turned himself in for murder. The murder was of a promising young college hooper friend. The son claims it was an accident, but the police claim it is capital murder since the body was moved and dumped after the shooting. The bail is set at 1 million dollars. Check the footage below for more information.


Michael Vick steals the Spotlight at 76ers game

So I had no idea he was such a huge icon already in Philly. He walks into the game to take his seat and the whole place goes nuts. Once he walked nobody knew there was a basketball game happening anymore. It is good to see someone come back from a situation like his and show people that he can still do it. Vick is a talented dude, sure he did a horrible thing to animals, but other sources say that he wants to own his first dog again. We will see how that plays out. Good job Vick you are once again a hero.

President Obama and Kobe Talking Sh*t?

Not as bad as you think, but still a pretty funny story. Obama and Kobe met up together at a boys and girls club for an annual “champions meet president” event. Instead of finding a common ground, they decided to talk trash to eachother.

Referring to the Lakers recent loss to the Bulls Mr. President said to Kobe, ” Derrick Rose may have your number.” Instead of Kobe laughing about it he turned into somewhat of a competitor against the president and said ” If he calls that number, I’ll be sure to pick up after the 5th ring,” referring to the 5 championship rings Kobe has.

I guess Obama was referring to Rose being on the rise and Kobe nearing the end of his career. Pretty funny stuff, looks like Obama lost another vote in the 2012 elections. HA

And what’s up with this picture? Obama is shaving a little boy…

no clue.

Mr. Kobe Bryant. (and his X-Mas kicks)

After watching all the Jordan and Lebron videos posted on this website I had to post some Kobe highlights. Whether you like him or not, he’s pretty damn good.

And here’s a look at the kicks Kobe will be rocking on Christmas vs the Heat.

Shout out to Sneaker Watch for the update!

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