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New Music! Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes x Lil’ Wayne- “Look at Me Now”

Wooo this one is way too hot. Got the hit maker Chris Brown teaming up with Weezy and Busta? Now that’s a killer combo of artists. Click below to download, you do not want to miss this.




Weezy’s New Years Eve Performance on 106 n Park!

What better way to bring in the new year than with Young Money. Here Wayne tears up the stage with Birdman on the 106 n Park stage, the fans go crazy. Would be sick to be at this show, Young Mula Crazy.

Drake also hit the stage that night in L.A. to bring in 2011.

Best Live moments of 2010.

Since rappers can’t make that much now off just straight music, a lot of touring has been going on. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but these guys are all on the road way more than they used to be. With free music being as easy to get as a breath of fresh air, they are somewhat forced into this. Personally I like that they have to go on the road, there’s nothing like seeing your favorite artist live and in person. Here are some of the best performance moments of 2010.

1. Drake brings out Eminem to perform “Forever” in Toronto, Canada.

2. Jay-Z performs ” Empire State of Mind” inside Yankees Stadium.

3. The Dipset reunion concert in NY. (Cam’Ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freeky Zeekey)

4. Wiz Khalifa performs “Black and Yellow” in Pittsburgh, PA. (this is the city’s anthem)

5. Drake brings out Lil’ Wayne for the first time since his prison release.

That last one gives me the chills every time I watch it. All he says after the performance is “I’m back” and the crowd goes insane!

Chris Brown is Tatted.

Chris Brown turned to his Twitter page today to show his fans all of his new tattoos. Apparently the wings across his chest are the newest addition. Getting pretty filled up there.

After getting the idea for this post, I figured we might as well take a look at some other famous tatted people. Check em out.

Rick Ross is very tatted also, even though the site of him with his shirt off isn’t too exciting.

We all know Wiz Khalifa is inked up and doesn’t “give a motherfu*k”. He also is a self-proclaimed king of ink.

If you’ve caught any Nuggets games this year, you can see that Chris Anderson is fully covered also, his new neck tattoo has been making a lot of noise lately across the internet. I guess that’s what happens when you used to do meth.

Even though Wiz claims in one of his interviews that he is the “King of Ink”, I believe it to be Lil’ Wayne. He probably has the most covered body out of anyone, including face and legs. His partner in crime Birdman also has a lot but those are just ridiculous. Look below and you will see what I mean.

That’s got to be over kill. Anyways YMCMB 100 haha.

Are all these tattoos just a fad or what? Every NBA and NFL star is now getting covered, this was not happening too long ago. I’m pretty sure the music industry sets huge trends when it comes to this stuff. Anyways I don’t mind it, tat tat tatted up.

Hilarious Hip-Hop Christmas Parody!

Yo yo yo its Weezy, Rick Ross, Jeezy and Plies all in one HOOD ASS Christmas Carol. Pretty funny stuff right here, thought it would be right for the holiday season.

Merry Christmas from Weezy F. Baby

Don’t know where in the world Wayne is in this video, looks like some garage but he wants to wish all of his fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season. Check out the footage below.

Nicki Minaj Birthday Party

Nicki Minaj and the rest of the Young Money crew celebrating her birthday in Vegas.  These people live the life it’s unreal, I mean just look at the hotel rooms, the private jets and clubs, it’s pretty outrageous and makes me jealous. Anyways peep the footage.


Lil’ Wayne and Eminem perform on SNL

This has been one of the most anticipated SNL performances ever. Weezy hasn’t been doing very many on stage things since he’s been out of prison so it’s dope to see him in action again. Eminem kills the set as always with his crazy lyrics and energy. This is  a great duo and I hope to see more music from them in the future.

Then they went on again to perform their own individual singles, Eminem hit em’ with ” Won’t back Down” and Weezy performed his new single ” 6’7″.

First Ever Live performance of Wayne’s “6’7” featuring Cory Gunz! (NY)


Oh yes we got it! Lil’ Wayne and Gunz performed this one in New York. Of course this is very rough footage but is the very first live performance of this song recorded on stage. The footage comes from a cell phone so that’s why it sucks but check it out for yourself, looks like Weezy is starting to rock the fur minks.


Listen up! Wayne’s most recent interview.

Lil’ Wayne called up Dj Drama’s radio show the other day and shared a lot of new things with him. Apparently he’s getting no love from Lebron and Wade at the games? What’s that all about? He also speaks on a new artist joining the Young Money roster and how he wants to hang out with Bill Clinton and Brett Favre. Click the video and listen to the interview for more information.

Lil’ Wayne, Chris Paul, and Lebron James attend Trina’s B-day

I’d like to apologize for the tags on the pics to begin with

Man who is this girl? I mean I know she used to have some hits back in the day but where does she score an entourage like this? The guest list must have been packed if you’ve got two of the biggest names (Lebron and Wayne) together at your party. Chris Paul was also there along with a bunch of other star studded Guests. Check the photos below for evidence.

There’s Weezy saying hello to the camera.

Lebron and CP3 doin’ it big this year, they were at the party also. Why is Bron’ always rockin those New York hats, any future plans?

Oh and just for the fun of it, look at this shot Lebron had vs. the hornets the other night (Weezy was also in attendance)

Nicki Minaj talks about her Butt with Chelsea Lately

Lately is hilarious, I like how she is so blunt with all her guests and gets straight to the point. ” Do you keep something around it to make it look small”. In the interview Nicki discusses her butt, collab with Eminem and many other topics. Check out the footage below for more info.

Lil’ Wayne caught up in Drug Bust?

Well this sucks, but not too bad. Apparently there was a drug bust today in Newark, NJ and Lil’ Wayne’s name came up, but not in the way you think. The drug bust consisted of 500 heroin packets that were hidden in the side of an SUV. The tags on the baggies said ” Lil’ Wayne” labeling them as a certain type of heroin. Looks like this entrepreneur has his name on the wrong stuff and isn’t pleased after hearing what had happened. Other than that, Weezy is fine…he just has some heroin named after him now.

What has Lil’ Wayne been doing?

Being a big Weezy fan, recently people have been asking me what has Lil’ Wayne been up to since his release from prison. It turns out we have not been seeing much of him because he is way too busy right now. He is currently working on making the Carter 4. If for some reason someone reading this doesn’t know what the Carter series is, it is the title of every great CD that Weezy has released. The last Carter (Carter 3, which features songs like “Lollipop” and “A Milli”  sold over 1 million copies in the first week, so you can only imagine how highly anticipated this next album is. The newest single off the Carter 4 should be hitting the streets by the end of this month. This is what Young Money president Mack Maine had to say about the track.

Lil’ Wayne has also been spending a lot of time with his family and friends. He most recently had Thanksgiving in New Orleans, celebrated his daughter’s 12th birthday, and most recently celebrated the birthday of his super star artist Nicki Minaj. Here are some pics from the event.

Weezy has also gotten back to something he hasn’t done since he was 17 years old, and that is writing. In prison he was not able to have a studio where he could record all of his ” on the spot” thoughts and so writing is what he turned to. With a sober mind for 8 months God only knows what this man could have thought of. The old style that Wayne used to use when recording was thinking of lines then going in and recording them, once a verse was ” well thought of” enough it would then be the verse for that song. No pens no pads. Below is a throwback clip of Wayne telling us why he stopped writing.

We are very interested to see what new music Wayne will be putting out in the future. And as always you can count on us to be there when these new songs drop.

Here’s what producer Dow-Jones (one half of the hit-making duo Tha Bizness) had to say about the Carter 4 release.

Last but not least, we posted this a while ago but if you haven’t heard it here’s Lil Wayne’s newest track with Birdman. ” Fire Flame (Remix)”

New Music! Fabolous- “Steve Jobs”

Looks like Loso is a Mac user according to this song. Took Lil’ Wayne’s “Bill Gates” and changes it up to owner of Macintosh “Steve Jobs”. Pretty clever of you sir. Download the song below.



Thursday’s Throwback Three

So here’s the deal, every Thursday I’m going to post three past songs that I think you need to familiarize yourself with, that is if you already haven’t.  So here goes.

Drake ft. Lil’ Wayne – Ignorant Shit

Stephen Marley ft. Mos Def – Hey Baby


Lloyd – Night & Day

How much money does Drake make per show?

Want to know how much Young Money’s own makes every time he hits the stage. Some people may feel that it’s less than expected, but this number is ridiculous if you ask me. Pockets on pizza dough.

Drake pulls in $150,000 every time he hits the stage.

“I am on a 24 hour, champagne diet”

Roc Nation vs. Young Money???

Pretty sick video I found about Young Money being compared to Roc Nation. Who will reign almighty in the year 2011?

Check the Video for more info.

New Music: Short Dawg ft. Lil’ Wayne- “Lean”

For those of you that don’t know. Short Dawg is one of the newest Young Money signees and will be putting out a lot of new music. Check his music out here as him and the C.E.O. (Wezzy) put one together entitled “lean”. Click the link below to download.

Short Dawg x Lil\’ Wayne- Lean

Lil’ Wayne performs at Bayou Festival

Yup that’s right Lil’ Wayne is back on stage. This is only the second time he has performed since surprising Drake at his concert in Las Vegas. Check out the footage this is a must see.

“Young Mula Crazy”

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