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The “MONSTER” video is finally out!

Man they waited a long time for this one. But it’s finally here. Yes the Monster that Nicki Minaj tore apart and has been goin’ up ever since! Have yourself a good time by viewing below, this video is crazy creative.


Rob Dyrdek gets MONSTER logo tatted on his back!

So I’m not sure if you guys have seen this yet, but Rob Dyrdek decided to get the Monster logo “M” tatted on his WHOLE BACK not that long ago. I mean I guess monster has been reppin’ him and his fantasy factory movement to the fullest but this is quite the move to show some love for a company. Rob has always made the craziest moves when it comes to self promotion and has made it to the top all on his own. In the clip he gets tatted in the world famous Fantasy Factory and discussed why he got the tattoo. Check it out below.

That had to hurt.

New Music! Michael Jackson ft. 50 cent- “Monster”

Quite the odd couple on this track. M J still laying tracks from the grave and lets 50 jump on this one to make a pretty damn good collaboration. Download the track below.


Nicki Minaj and Kanye West perform “MONSTER” in NYC!

This song is crazy and personally I believe Nicki has the best verse. At her concert in NYC she brings out Kanye to help her out. Must have been a MONSTER show!

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