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Behind the scenes for Kanye’s new Video. (All of the Lights)

Not the best quality of capture but still a pretty good little sample of what the video might look like. First the camera man gets turned away when Kanye first around but then finds his way onto the roof to get some footage. The video should be dropping soon since the song has been out for so long.

Here’s the song below if you haven’t heard it yet for some reason.


The “MONSTER” video is finally out!

Man they waited a long time for this one. But it’s finally here. Yes the Monster that Nicki Minaj tore apart and has been goin’ up ever since! Have yourself a good time by viewing below, this video is crazy creative.

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in the Lab!

The two biggest pot heads get together once again after their recording of the “Black and Yellow G-Mix“. I feel like Snoop and Wiz would get along just fine, considering they both dance the same, smoke mass amounts of weed, are SUPER skinny, and once again love that greenery. They are basically the Cheech and Chong of hip hop.

UPDATE: I guess Snoop just gave this to Wiz. HAhahahaha (Wiz laugh)

Looks like they’re taking a nice smoke break while working on some magic. I wonder what they will come out with next. Great duo right here, they should just start touring together. According to Wiz’s twitter account they also shot the video for the “Black and Yellow G-mix” today. Should be pretty fresh. Here’s some proof.

Chris Brown completes his Domestic Violence Courses

We all know what happened with the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna story. He beat her up. Of course the first thing to do is look at Chris Brown and call him a horrible person, or like Wal-Mart did, ban his cds from hitting the shelves. But does anyone look at what Chris Brown has been doing to improve his image, to learn that what he did was wrong and never do it again? Well here you go, this is Brown’s certificate from his domestic violence courses.

He has finally completed all of his domestic violence courses which consisted of attendance for 52 weeks straight. Hard to see how he could have time for all this with all the appearances he’s been making. Big ups to Chris for graduating, this doesn’t cover up what happened, but it’s good that he’s making an effort to help himself and others.

Breezy is currently serving a 5-year probation term which includes 180 hours of community service.

On a different note, here’s a look at Breezy’s latest appearance in Jae Millz new video ” Green Goblin”

New Music Video! Curren$y- Daze of Thunder

JETS fool. That’s what were all about out here in Fresh land. This video is dope, Curren$y with his lazy flow as always, but I like how he carries himself. Vimeo always puts out the most high-def videos there are so watch this one and enjoy. Jet life Jet life.


The Game raps in French now.

Some rappers just try and take it to the next level over and over again. I thought getting that huge star with the LA tat was pretty ridiculous and now he’s rapping in French? Looks like they got him ballin to the max out there with all those women and cars. The video is actually pretty dope and I’m guessing the other guy (La Fouine) is the best rapper in France. Maybe?

Best Music Video of the Day! “Kush”

Finally! Dr. Dre and Snoop are back together to give America what they’ve wanted all along, a music video together! These guys have been the best of friends since the beginning of this hip hop movement. Here they bless us with a music video for the song ” Kush” featuring Akon. Oh yes, this is a WTF production. Way Too Fresh.

New Music Video! Kendrick Lamar ” Look Out for Detox”

New video from Kendrick Lamar entitled ” Watch out for Detox” This song is super dope, watch below.

New Music Video! Big Sean – Crazy

Workin’ Hard! We see you Big Sean! Good music is once again in the Building with another video. This one is called CRAZY. Check it out below!

New Music Video: Bugatti Boyz (Diddy & Rick Ross)- “Another one”

Man these guys ball out way too hard. Check out their latest video as they pop Ciroc bottles around super expensive cars.

New Music Video! Soulja Boy- “Speakers Going Hammer”

I really don’t mess with Soulja Boy much when it comes to music, but every once in a while he will put out a song that’ll make your ass shake til you drop. This is one of those songs. Speakers Going Hammer is just funny all around and so is this video. Have a look!


New Music Video! Rick Ross ft. T-Pain- “Rap Song”

Pretty interesting video, did not expect to see them frozen the whole time haha, I like the song though, really hits hard! Take a look.

New Music Video!! “Beast Mode”-B.o.B.

This video is sick, shows B.o.B. running all over backstage at one of his shows. He goes in on this song with hard hitting punch lines and a flow nicer than the Mississippi River. Watch and Enjoy below.

HERE U GO. The official Music Video from Drake and Rihanna. “What’s My Name”

After the post below, we couldn’t wait much longer to find this one, here it is. Great video, Drake and Rihanna do a great job of acting like they’re together. Maybe something new brewing up? Who knows. Check the video.


New Music Video!! Rick Ross x Lil’ Wayne- “Veteran’s Day”

Never Seen this many diamonds in one video. Weezy lookin more tatted than ever and the clarity of this one is amazing. Young Money is back in full effect with Weezy out of prison, but it’s not like they’ve ever had a problem.

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