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Curren$y’s New Mixtape!

Return to the Winner’s Circle is what it’s called, about damn time Spitta. Putting out all these videos and songs I knew he had something up his sleeves.




New Justin Timberlake just leaked!

Haven’t heard anything solo from JT in nearly 4 years now. Sure he’s been featured in a lot of songs but not all by himself in a while. This one is called ” Take you down”. Great way to bring in the new year.



Double up of New Eminem Tracks!

What’s Eminem doing? All these leaked songs, not usually known for this but who cares. We got them for you. The first one entitled “Cocaine” ft. Jazmine Sullivan and the other “Difficult”. Enjoy Fresh-Followers and Happy Holidays.

First song is dedicated to Proof. “Difficult” 

Cocaine, hmm interesting Em. 

DOWNLOAD \”Difficult\”

DOWNLOAD \”Cocaine\”



The “MONSTER” video is finally out!

Man they waited a long time for this one. But it’s finally here. Yes the Monster that Nicki Minaj tore apart and has been goin’ up ever since! Have yourself a good time by viewing below, this video is crazy creative.

Rider Profile: Torstein Horgmo

Torstein Horgmo is a 23 year snowboarder from Norway. His latest video part was in “The Storming” where he absolutely rips. He just placed first in the first stop in slopestyle for the Mountain Dew Tour. Check out his video part in The Storming where he throws a triple cork at the end of the video! It is unreal!

Eminem ft. Nas- “Topless”

Two Eminem songs in one day? YUP that’s right, we’re giving it all to you. Gotta love when Shady drops something new, hands down best Emcee to grace the mic in my opinion. Don’t agree, don’t matter. Listen.


New Mixtape: Los – The Louis Vuitton Gift Pack

We all know Louie V is the best, and Los is pretty damn good too. Ever since this dude did a remix of Weezy’s “A Milli” I’ve been listening for his new stuff. Well here’s his newest mixtape with all new beats and lines that kill. Download by clicking the link below, Happy Holidays: Gift Pack.


New Music Video! Curren$y- “Hold On” (ft. Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver)

This beat is way too sick, Curren$y and his boys bring a dope flow with it too. He’s been dropping a lot of videos lately, looks like a JET movement is on the way. Keep posted for more videos on the Fresh for him and we have plenty more in previous entries. Check check the remedy.

Get to know Logics “Young Ghangas”

We’ve done plenty of features on local talent in Seattle here on the Fresh, but this man grinds… no really. One of the hardest working Emcess in Seattle, Logics is always doin’ shows, making new music, and being heard all around the Puget Sound. Recently Logics performed at the EQPT store in Seattle and has a lot more coming your way. Check out the latest video of his below to catch up on what’s he’s been doing and where he’s going. Keep it up Young Ghangas, Seattle needs a movement like yours.

For more videos of Logics past, present and future click here. You don’t want to miss this.

Also here’s Logics latest freestyle over Mac Miler’s “La la la”, pretty dope stuff, Fresh-U certified.

DJ Pauly D Gets his own SHOW!

Unless you’ve been living in a cardboard box (some people do) for the past couple of years, you know who this man is. Well apparently now he’s getting his own show! MTV programming executive Chris Linn says that fans of the hit reality show Jersey Shore are really interested in Pauly D’s life outside of the original cast.

Currently the new spin-off is messing around with the title ” Pauly’s World”. The new show will be following Pauly D and letting his fans see the DJ aspect of his talents. Could be a pretty cool show, letting us see how good of a DJ he actually is. I’ve heard rumors that he’s gotten signed by Hilton Hotels and DJ’s their events which probably isn’t too bad of a gig. Looking forward to see how this one works out.


Release Date is now OFFICIAL: Air Jordan 3 (white/cement)

Hope you’ve been having a nice ” Cool Grey ” holiday season, but now its time for the Air Jordan 3’s (white/cement).Rumors have been going around that the 3’s won’t be available til Spring. But the truth is out and they will be available January 22nd, 2011. Retail price will be $150. Better save that allowance kids, a must have for sure.

New Mixtape! Tech N9ne: Bad Season

Techa Nina is back in the house with a new mixtape for everyone. Apparently he was one of Weezy’s main visitors in prison too and they’re supposed to be working on some projects together. Can’t wait til that drops but until then we will hold you over with this one. It’s a Bad Reason, but a good reason, download asap.


New Fabolous Mixtape. (must have)

Need to catch up on your Fabo? Well Coco Loso 2.0 brings you all the latest in what he’s been working on. The mixtape is pretty dope and I really like the artwork. His feature in Deuces and the new cut Steve Jobs is on there too. Really must listen to all of these. Download the mixtape ASAP.


Here are some cuts from the mixtape.

“Start it Up”-

“City Life”- 

“5 Seconds”- 



Best Dunk Contest.

Marshall Plumlee

So you know how the NBA dunk contests have been terrible lately, well this one is a lot different, probably because it’s in high school. These guys jump right out of the gym on every dunk and don’t give a damn (Get in there Lebron and Kobe). One of the best dunk-offs I have ever seen and they’re not even in college yet. The featured dunkers are Deuce Bello, Ike Nwamu, Shaquille Johnson, Marshall Plumee, and Demetrius Morant.

Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross do it again! (New Track)

This is what happens when you stay up late, you run across some new music that nobody has heard of yet because they’re sleeping. Song is called “Retrosuperfuture”. Making up their own words now but I like it. Check it out below, beat is nice, slow, and smooth. Just how Wiz and Ross like em’.



This guy is just showin off now, haha but big ups to him this goal is pretty nifty, in the snow too!

New Crooks and Castles Footwear

Crooks and Castles just released their new holiday footwear collection this week. There are some existing styles along with 3 new ones. Overall these kicks looks pretty dope and have a classy swag to em’. Most def need to pick these up at some point.

“This holiday season, Crooks & Castles introduces three new models: the Backstab, the Ruffian and the Anchor. The Backstab, shown above, owns a subtle, stylish design in high-top form. The all-red Backstab possesses a canvas-textured base, while the black and light grey version are constructed in nubuck. All three are finished with a traditional, white sole and Crooks & Castles tongue branding. As for the newly-designed Anchor, it owns a boat shoe-like construction and will come in two canvas formations (Black, Red) and two nubuck textured (Chocolate, Khaki). The Ruffian owns more of a hiking boot appeal and the Apache has been dressed in a few, new colorways.”

These shoes are now available at Crooks and Castles Flagship stores and selected retailers.

New Mixtape: CERTIFIED FRESH! Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon

Hussle in the HOUSE

All of our fresh followers should have heard of Nipsey Hussle by now. He is sure to be around for a long time to come. This new mixtape is FIRE. You have got to check this out, it is sure to keep your head bobbin from beginning to end.

The Marathon

You will be missing out if you don’t download this mixtape. Free music doesn’t get much better than this.


New Music! Travis Barker ft. Tech N9ne- “Hard Liquor”

What a great duo right here. Never thought that these two would get together on a track but damn this song sounds good. I like how Travis Barker has branched out into the hip-hop community a lot more in the past few years. Tech N9ne also needs to get more respect that he already does, dude can flow for days. Check the song below.


New Music Video! YG ft. 50 Cent x Snoop Dogg- “Toot n’ Boot it” (remix)

Snoop Dogg is all about doing them G-mixes these days. Here’s another one with 50 cent and YG for the infamous toot it and boot it song. All that TI$A got em lookin’ way too fresh.

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