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The “MONSTER” video is finally out!

Man they waited a long time for this one. But it’s finally here. Yes the Monster that Nicki Minaj tore apart and has been goin’ up ever since! Have yourself a good time by viewing below, this video is crazy creative.


Chris Brown is Tatted.

Chris Brown turned to his Twitter page today to show his fans all of his new tattoos. Apparently the wings across his chest are the newest addition. Getting pretty filled up there.

After getting the idea for this post, I figured we might as well take a look at some other famous tatted people. Check em out.

Rick Ross is very tatted also, even though the site of him with his shirt off isn’t too exciting.

We all know Wiz Khalifa is inked up and doesn’t “give a motherfu*k”. He also is a self-proclaimed king of ink.

If you’ve caught any Nuggets games this year, you can see that Chris Anderson is fully covered also, his new neck tattoo has been making a lot of noise lately across the internet. I guess that’s what happens when you used to do meth.

Even though Wiz claims in one of his interviews that he is the “King of Ink”, I believe it to be Lil’ Wayne. He probably has the most covered body out of anyone, including face and legs. His partner in crime Birdman also has a lot but those are just ridiculous. Look below and you will see what I mean.

That’s got to be over kill. Anyways YMCMB 100 haha.

Are all these tattoos just a fad or what? Every NBA and NFL star is now getting covered, this was not happening too long ago. I’m pretty sure the music industry sets huge trends when it comes to this stuff. Anyways I don’t mind it, tat tat tatted up.

Hilarious Hip-Hop Christmas Parody!

Yo yo yo its Weezy, Rick Ross, Jeezy and Plies all in one HOOD ASS Christmas Carol. Pretty funny stuff right here, thought it would be right for the holiday season.

Rick Ro$$ – Ashes To Ashes Mixtape

Ricky Rozay’s new mixtape just dropped and it’s got some cuts on it for sure.  It features the likes of Ludacris, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, Diddy, Barry White, Birdman, T.I. and more. Click here to download. Merry Christmas, Maybach Music!

Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross do it again! (New Track)

This is what happens when you stay up late, you run across some new music that nobody has heard of yet because they’re sleeping. Song is called “Retrosuperfuture”. Making up their own words now but I like it. Check it out below, beat is nice, slow, and smooth. Just how Wiz and Ross like em’.


New Music! Rick Ross ft. T.I.- “9 Piece”

Boss hog time again, Rozay is back with another Maybach Music production for you fresh followers. He lets his boy Tip join him on this one too. Aren’t you supposed to be back in prison or something. I’m glad you’re not though cause the game needs this man on the tracks. Here you go.


New Music! Meek Millz ft. Rick Ross- “I’m a Boss”

Pretty common trend starting here, if you are a rap artist and you make a song that has the word ” boss” in it, you have no other choice but to give Ricky Rozay a verse. Makes sense to me. This time Meek Millz makes one called ” I’m a Boss” and Rick Ross is there for the assist.


Rick Ross live at Sneaker Pimps in NYC!

Rick Ross always doin’ something, check out this new footage of his performance in New York at the Sneaker Pimps expo.

New Music Video: Bugatti Boyz (Diddy & Rick Ross)- “Another one”

Man these guys ball out way too hard. Check out their latest video as they pop Ciroc bottles around super expensive cars.

Wiz Khalifa at THE SOURCE photo shoot. (behind the scenes footage)

We already showed you that Wiz and the Big Boss Rick Ross made it on the cover of SOURCE Magazine a few days ago. Here’s a look at the behind the scenes footage of that photo shoot. Have a gander!

The issue hits newsstands December 14th!


New Music Video: Keri Hilson ft. Rick Ross- “The Way you Love me”


New video from Ms. Keri baybeh and the boss. Check the footage below.

New Song: Yo Gotti x Rick Ross- Teenage Numbers

Two of the hardest Bosses in the game. Click the link below to download.

Yo Gotti ft. Rick Ross- Teenage Numbers

New G-shock watch..”Feel it”

I’d like to dedicate this one to Goomba. Kid is crazy but he’s got a nice watch game so far.

“Long established American workwear label Dickies is the latest brand to collaborate with Casio to design a G-Shock watch. Since 1918 Dickies have strived to produce tough, durable products, making them a more obvious choice for the almost-indestructible G-shock than it would first appear. Utilising their brand logo, Dickies have opted to use bold tones of the primary colors.”

Shout out to HypeBeast for the info.

Oh and if anyone is wondering where Weezy got that hat from in the “Veteran’s Day” music video you can cop that HERE for only $18.00, now that’s a steal. Here’s the hat.

Rick Ross on his “Blowin’ Money Fast” Tour in London (14 mins.)

Rick Ross is currently on his “Blowin Money Fast” tour and has been sharing his experience with the people for a while now. This is episode 3 of the tour when he’s out in London. Check the footage below for more info.


DJ Khaled’s Birthday Party! With Oh’ So Many Guests!

Man I wish there was a way into this party. In attendance we had Weezy, Birdman, Diddy, Rick Ross, T-pain, Wiz Khalifa, DON KING, looks like everyone that was anyone was there. Check out the footage below!

New Music from the Boss! Slim Thug ft. Rick Ross- “How we do it”

Just another track from some of the hardest dudes in the game right now. Slim Thug and Rick Ross team up to create another thumper for the masses. Check this one out by clicking the link below.

Slim Thug ft. Rick Ross – How we do it

New Music Video! Rick Ross ft. T-Pain- “Rap Song”

Pretty interesting video, did not expect to see them frozen the whole time haha, I like the song though, really hits hard! Take a look.

Rick Ross Performs in London!

Rick Ross is currently in Europe on his “Blowin Money Fast Tour”. This show was at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, where Ricky performed all of his hits including “hustlin” and “BMF”.

New Music Video!! Rick Ross x Lil’ Wayne- “Veteran’s Day”

Never Seen this many diamonds in one video. Weezy lookin more tatted than ever and the clarity of this one is amazing. Young Money is back in full effect with Weezy out of prison, but it’s not like they’ve ever had a problem.

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