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Double up of New Eminem Tracks!

What’s Eminem doing? All these leaked songs, not usually known for this but who cares. We got them for you. The first one entitled “Cocaine” ft. Jazmine Sullivan and the other “Difficult”. Enjoy Fresh-Followers and Happy Holidays.

First song is dedicated to Proof. “Difficult” 

Cocaine, hmm interesting Em. 

DOWNLOAD \”Difficult\”

DOWNLOAD \”Cocaine\”




Groove Shark (non-stop music)

Not sure how many of you have heard about this website, but it is the truth. You can listen to any music you want, FOR FREE. This site even allows you to build your own free internet radio stations. Busy during finals season right now? Just throw on this mix website and you’re good to go as far as the tunes go. Click the link below to enter Groove Shark.




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