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NBA’s top 10 Plays. December 29th, 2010

The best part about the end of the year is all the top 10’s of everything being put out. This one doesn’t summarize the whole year or anything, just one day. In this one day so many sick plays went down that they had to be wrapped up into a full 10. Check em out below my Freshies.



Merry Christmas, these plays are RE-DICK!

When I say Re-Dick, I mean ridiculous for those of you that have no street smarts. The plays below are from the City of Palms Tournament. All the best in the nation play in the tournament including #1 recruit Austin Rivers (he gets banged on). These guys can dunk like no other and they’re all in high school. It’s like all little Lebrons running out there. Check Check.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Since it’s Sunday and we’re all feelin’ GREAT here at Fresh University we figured we would grace our viewers with the most insane sports clips today. We’re about to give you a triple up of the craziest plays in the NBA. That’s right we’ve got clutch shots, crossovers, and dunks. Hope you enjoy, these are insane!


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