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Wack rapper gets smacked in the face!

Hahaha I actually love the fact that he got slapped cause his bars were garbage. But check it out, this is set up, everyone knows about it but him. Next thing you know ….BAP! Great video.

Here’s another great slappin’ while rappin’ but this time it’s serious.


NBA’s top 10 Plays. December 29th, 2010

The best part about the end of the year is all the top 10’s of everything being put out. This one doesn’t summarize the whole year or anything, just one day. In this one day so many sick plays went down that they had to be wrapped up into a full 10. Check em out below my Freshies.


Rider Profile: Torstein Horgmo

Torstein Horgmo is a 23 year snowboarder from Norway. His latest video part was in “The Storming” where he absolutely rips. He just placed first in the first stop in slopestyle for the Mountain Dew Tour. Check out his video part in The Storming where he throws a triple cork at the end of the video! It is unreal!

Arenas with CRAZY SHOT!

It didn’t count (75 ft.), but still worth a second look. The ball hits the rim, goes off the shot clock (that’s why it didn’t count), and SWISH! Would have been sick to see it count, it’s all good though, they were playing the NETS.

Ed Reed’s Jacket Catches fire.

Hahaha don’t know how a fire started out there but somehow it caught Ed Reed’s jacket on fire. Just sitting on the sidelines and a bunch of smoke starts to come up. Of course the announcers sound super corny. See what happened below.

New Music Video! Curren$y- “Hold On” (ft. Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver)

This beat is way too sick, Curren$y and his boys bring a dope flow with it too. He’s been dropping a lot of videos lately, looks like a JET movement is on the way. Keep posted for more videos on the Fresh for him and we have plenty more in previous entries. Check check the remedy.

Lupe Fiasco- Show Goes On Video

Here goes the visuals for Fiasco’s song off Lasers which drops March 8th.

Raiders vs. Chargers FIGHT!

No not the team, the fans in the parking lot after the game, this is hilarious. Most of the dudes are smashed but it’s all good, still makes for a pretty good video.

Hilarious Hip-Hop Christmas Parody!

Yo yo yo its Weezy, Rick Ross, Jeezy and Plies all in one HOOD ASS Christmas Carol. Pretty funny stuff right here, thought it would be right for the holiday season.

Looks like Chucks got a little song for us.

With all the mash-ups going on, this one is hilarious, T-Mobile, D-Wade, and Charles Barkley get together for a pretty funny commercial. Chuck makes a statement on TV, then Cool N Dre chop it up with some auto tune to make a nice little cut. The video is below, you don’t wanna miss this laugh attack.

“It’s a Personal Matter”_ Rex Ryan

I’m sure you’ve heard about the foot fetish videos that Rex Ryan’s wife is allegedly in? Well if not here’s the skinny: Some video leaked of his wife showing off her feet, the narrator in the back sounds just like Rex. This has been flying all over the NFL. When asked about the issue, this is all the Jets coach has to say.

A Little Brawl Between Teammates??

Before the Utah and Hawaii game Thursday night in the Diamond head classic, there was a little scuffle in the stands. Players Renardo Sidney and and Elgin Bailey got into it and weren’t even on the court. Even stranger than that, is they are both on the same Mississippi State team!! Wonder what sparked the blows? Probably was the 83-57 whoopin put on ’em by the Washington State Cougs a couple days ago. Take a look fresh-followers.

Best Dunk Contest.

Marshall Plumlee

So you know how the NBA dunk contests have been terrible lately, well this one is a lot different, probably because it’s in high school. These guys jump right out of the gym on every dunk and don’t give a damn (Get in there Lebron and Kobe). One of the best dunk-offs I have ever seen and they’re not even in college yet. The featured dunkers are Deuce Bello, Ike Nwamu, Shaquille Johnson, Marshall Plumee, and Demetrius Morant.


This guy is just showin off now, haha but big ups to him this goal is pretty nifty, in the snow too!

Oh Mr. Griffin, You Never Cease to Amaze us

It’s all in the title Fresh-Followers, whenever Blake Griffin is mentioned, a jaw-dropping highlight will follow. As always, enjoy!

Man how many dunks does this kid have already?

In case you do want to count all of his dunks, here’s his season so far. Damn I did not know he has been bangin’ on fools day in day out, guy’s head is at the rim EVERY time.

Big K.R.I.T. x Curren$y x Killa Kyleon – Moon & Stars Remix Video

The visuals for Big K.R.I.T.’s laid back smoking song featuring Curren$y and Killa Kyleon.

New Music Video! YG ft. 50 Cent x Snoop Dogg- “Toot n’ Boot it” (remix)

Snoop Dogg is all about doing them G-mixes these days. Here’s another one with 50 cent and YG for the infamous toot it and boot it song. All that TI$A got em lookin’ way too fresh.

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in the Lab!

The two biggest pot heads get together once again after their recording of the “Black and Yellow G-Mix“. I feel like Snoop and Wiz would get along just fine, considering they both dance the same, smoke mass amounts of weed, are SUPER skinny, and once again love that greenery. They are basically the Cheech and Chong of hip hop.

UPDATE: I guess Snoop just gave this to Wiz. HAhahahaha (Wiz laugh)

Looks like they’re taking a nice smoke break while working on some magic. I wonder what they will come out with next. Great duo right here, they should just start touring together. According to Wiz’s twitter account they also shot the video for the “Black and Yellow G-mix” today. Should be pretty fresh. Here’s some proof.

Local Talent Alert: BenniB at the Grog Shop (Live)

Now since we’re based out of Seattle, Wa we gotta show some love to the local hip hop scene out here. BenniB has been putting music out non-stop recently and finally got to do a huge show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH opening up for Mac Miller. Not too long ago we posted an article about Benni B’s new mixtape “SoDo Dope”  which you can listen to by clicking here and now we want to give you raw footage of his performance in Ohio. Check it out below, pretty cool stuff, I-Phonic joins him on stage too.

Make sure to cop that BenniB SoDo Dope Mixtape on Datpiff today!

Cop Catches Robbery In Progress!

So apparently this cop was coming into the store to get a tape from a crime scene that happened the day before, then he happens to walk in on another robbery in the same store. He proceeds to take care of the situation, talk about killing two birds with one stone.

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