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Tony Jaa

This normally isn’t the type of stuff we post on Fresh-University but you can’t pretend you don’t  like watching people get knocked out.  Everybody is familiar with the Jackie Chan’s and Jet Li’s and don’t get me wrong they’re cool too but if you’re not familiar with Tony Jaa you should be, the dude can fight.  He is the Thai version of a martial arts movie star and to be honest he does shit you normally wouldn’t think is possible.  Anyways he’s starred in some pretty cool movies like The Protector, Ong Bak and Ong Bak 2 and with the release of Ong Bak 3 this year I figured I might let you in on the secret of Tony Jaa.  Just trust me and watch the video, I wouldn’t post this if it wasn’t cool.

Jay-Z with Beyonce Repping Some Fly Jordan III (Black, Red, Cement)

Classic Jordan Style

Jordan III’s have been some of the most icon Jordan shoes. Recently we posted about the white ones being re-released, but these black ones are so sick too! Celebrity endorsements have always increased popularity, but I bet Jay-Z had bought a pair of his own when these were originally released in the late 80’s.

Allow Him To Re-Introduce Himself

Camo shorts with the black Jordan III’s are looking pretty fresh here. I am definitely going to have to buy another pair of these!!


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Air Jordan Retro 3 White, Fire Red and Cement Grey Re-Release!

Jordan III

These are some of the most iconic Jordan shoes in the whole franchise. This shoe is the first one to start the Elephant Print and the Jumpman Logo. They are said to be released in the first quarter of 2011, so look for them early next year.


I know I will be looking for these to come into stores because they will be going very fast. The pair I used to own I bought on their last release and I need a new pair!

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WESTSIDEEEE!! Spice1 x 2Pac x Scarface x Devin The Dude – Rollin’ and Smokin’

Spice1 is a notorious Bay Yay Area legend, he hooks up with a dope Pac sample and fellow weedheads Scarface & Devin the Dude for another smoking anthem for y’all to bump.  Be on the lookout for Spice1’s Notorious Bastards mixtape dropping next week.

Download here.

Enrique Iglesias – Tonight I’m F**king You

Hot new track from Enrique and Ludacris

Listen and download here.

T.I. x Trey Songz x Yung Dro – Strip

Looks like Tip’s album sprung a leak and another banger surfaces on the internet.  For this one he joins up Trigga Trey and Yung Dro.  Still be on the lookout for the No Mercy album. T.I. – Strip

New Wiz Khalifa Tracks – Real Estate and Stuntin

Wake up, Bake up

New tracks from your homeboy Wiz. Our favorite stoned rapper is at it again. With the Waken Baken Tour over Wiz tweeted a few days ago that he was gonna get some new keys soon, stay tuned for his purchase cause you know its about to be fly as hell. Let us know if you are feeling these tracks.

Real Estate –  Download Here

Stuntin – Download Here

College Football Player Caught Grabbing an Opponents Genitalia During a Game

The Nebraska Player in this video is Ben Cotton and the A&M player that is doing the “grab the marble sack” technique is Tony Jerod-Eddie. In other words, STAY AWAY FROM TONY THE SACK GRABBER IN THE SHOWERS! Since when did football change from this tough sport to a sport where you can watch players get molested on ESPN?

This is quite a cheap shot on Ben Cotton but this video would be much better if his metal cleat had jabbed that scrotum pincher in the face. This Jerod-Eddie guy needs to reevaluate his sexuality because this is obviously over the line. If tight spandex on other men makes you want to grab their dick, then you should quit football and go jerk off to rainbows.

Love sound? let’s bring it to color.

Watch this video all the way through crazy way of seeing sounds.

Speaking of Drake…

Footage of Drizzy Drake’s 24th birthday party in Miami.  World series attitude, champagne bottle life…

In The Morning

Drizzy and J. Cole

The two hottest rappers in the game team up for a pretty chill track off of Cole’s Friday Night Lights mixtape dropping tomorrow.  Click the link to listen/download.

R.I.P. Dave Niehaus

Today is a sad day for Mariner’s fans, Dave Niehaus, the man who was the voice of the Mariners for 33 years died today. Niehaus was a true G, he was behind some of the greatest Mariner nicknames and catchphrases over the years.  He broadcast his 5,000 game with the M’s this season and is in the MLB Hall of Fame.  Hats off to a legend.

The Most Anticipated Snowboarding movie of 2011 ( The Storming)

Standard Films Presents the Storming. This video was released yesterday so go and get your hands on it! Available on dvd and Blu Ray!



Short video but really packs a punch, girl did not see it coming.

Middle School Trick Play Clowns on the Defensive Line

This kid should be an actor because he totally fools that koolaid juiced up Defensive Line. Turns out this play according to the NFL rules is legal. Id like to see one NFL player have half the balls this pint sized QB has and try this shit out.

MONSTER alley-oop from Wade to King James!!

This was Miami vs. New Jersey. Lebron got a rebound, passed it up to Wade, and then the rest was history. Heat won this game 101-89. They are currently 5-2.

Mike Tyson says the Darndest Things. (compilation of uncensored quotes)

We all know Mike Tyson has a mouth on him. Here is a compilation of some of the most ridiculous sh*t he’s ever said. Pretty funny stuff.

Celtics Fan goes OFF to Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer

So in the beginning I thought this guy was just celebrating for a couple seconds, did not think it would turn into this. Hilarious.

CRAZY Redbull Ramp! Looks like they’re jumping over planets!

Redbull is doing some crazy stuff with new technology! Mind Blowing for sure.

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