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Apple The First To Create Holographic 3-D Images, No Glasses Needed!

Apple 3-D

Patents have shown that Apple is planning to create holographic displays on its computers. Apple has always been at the forefront on new technology with such a high amount of capital used for Research and Development. This patent shows that Apple is getting close to the point where 3-D can be done without the use of glasses on a consumer level.

Holographic iPhone?

This may be an example of what this technology could look like in a modern iPhone. Of course when they come out with their final product it will look much different, but this is definitely a reasonable estimate.

Star Wars Technology Finally Modern?

Star Wars had always pushed the technological side to what they saw would be the future and these high tech companies have finally caught up. This will be an amazing advancement in technology to the consumer level and will be sure to fly off the shelves just as all the other innovative Apple products have done in years past.

More information on this story can be found here.

A snow sled designed by Porsche?

Man I bet this thing is fast.

This new sled is valued around $265 and can get you down the hill faster than ever before. It features a very aggressive design, a low center of gravity for steering, superior directional stability, and comes with a carrying bag. If this thing is anything like the cars they make then you better wear a helmet.

Ummm… yes please, duck hunt on steroids.

I’ve been wondering for a while now when a new and improved version of duck hunt will come out, but only a better version where you get to kill humans. Where he it is, PS3 Move has released the assault rifle for all of your favorite combat games. Now you can play Call of Duty Black Ops and have the actual weapon in your hand. Great advancement for gaming, an even greater advancement for mankind. Check out the footage below.

Family Builds Tron Bike!

Came across this video and thought it was pretty damn cool that someone actually took the effort to make one of these bikes. The dude actually rides it and everything. Tron comes out in theaters December 17th this year. You already know its a 3-D movie.

Maharishi iPhone 4 Cases.

These cases come fully equipped with Maharishi Aesthetic amongst Bonsai and Tibet elemental patterns. You can get all three of these at the Maharishi online store. Go n’ cop one now! Too fresh.

Dubai has some crazy Whips!

Dubai is mainly known for their extravagant man made islands, but this time we want to show you something completely different. Their cars are insane! Just saw this video, did not know you can do that with car doors. Check the footage below.

DJ-ing on your I-Pad

Ever wanted to experiment around in Djing but couldn’t  afford all the expensive turn tables and other equipment? Well now for only $20 (besides the I-pad) you can get the full DJing experience at your fingertips. This app comes with two virtual turntables (unfortunately sans microphone), mixer, tempo, and EQ controls, direct access to your iPad’s music library, AirPlay integration, BPM analysis with automatic beat and tempo matching, the ability to record your sets, an Automix mode, and support for 4.2 multitasking. This is a must have to get started!

Below is a little video demonstration, check it out!

New Video Game Trailer: Binary Domain

This video game looks insane. Definitely a must-have for the Holiday Season. Kind of takes on  a Halo type game set in the year 2080, could it be the next big thing?

2012 Audi A6

Powered by either a gasoline or diesel engine with a hybrid in the making, the new A6 can give you up to 300 HP and a top speed of 155 MPH. You have the choice of a 6-speed manual, CVT, or the 7-speed S-tronic automatic. You also have the options for heated, ventilated, and massage seats in this one. The headlights are all LED, you get 19-inch wheels, a heads up display, PARKING HEATER, MMI touch-based infotainment system, Bluetooth, a 15-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system, and a ton of other gear that will blow the base price out the roof.

Playboy Cover to Cover Digital Archive

According to, Playboy is releasing a Digital Cover to Cover Archive that carries every issues, yup that’s right, all the issues from 1953 to 2010.

This digital archive retails for $300. The issues are stored on a specially-branded USB hard drive. You can browse through every article, illustration, dirty joke, and boobie dating back to 1953. This would make a great Christmas gift for all the fathers out there. They are available by clicking HERE.

Forget Windows 7 or Mac Snow Leopard. Google Chrome Operating System and Chromebook is Out in 2011.

Google Chromebook (Not Actual Product) on Chrome OS

Google has expanded so quickly in the past decade and is finally starting to aim to pick up some of Microsoft and Apple’s market-share in Operating Systems. It will be primarily be based of Google’s Chrome browser and made specifically for Internet compatibility. Acer has already signed on with Google to start launching a net-book with their new Operating System next year.

Not only are Google making an Operating System, they are also starting to make laptops too. It is estimated to be out sometime in late 2010 and will be called the Macbook Chromebook. They will release it to friends and family of Google employees with a beta version of the Chrome OS. Specs are not out for the new computer but they have started production on 75,000 units using the Intel Atom Pine Trail Processor (Intel needs to lay off the creative processor names, no one cares).

For more information on the Chrome OS check it out here and information on the Chromebook here.

How to Make Your iPhone 3-D With This Simple Accessory

With 3-D TV the new thing to have, when will we finally get hand held devices such as an iPhone? Wait no longer. Even though this new device made by Jitsuo Mase isn’t on the market yet, it is building a lot of hype online. It is made with three half-slivered mirrors creating a 3-D effect that will not be seen on hand held devices for quite a few years.

The best thing about it is that you dont have to wear those embarrassing glasses to achieve a 3-D  image unlike any other. It may look weird looking through this analog accessory but it is the only way you will be seeing 3-D anywhere other than the theaters for anywhere near a reasonable price.

Great Interview with the Inventor of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg

I have seen a lot of interviews with this guy, but this one by far is the best. It went down at the web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, CA.  He explains a lot of new stuff and gets really in depth about the development of Facebook. Check it out, maybe you’ll get inspired or something.

Def Jam Rap Star! New Video Game Montage

Def Jam Rap Star is a “guitar hero/rock band” type of game. You try and follow the lyrics of popular rap songs and earn points by being the most on point. In other words if you can spit t harder than anyone out there (on a video game) then you win! Check out this promo video I found for it!


Apple i-Pad vs. Blackberry Playbook

Apple I-pad and Blackberry Playbook

Not a lot of people around here on campus have any sort of Pad (tech). So this is why we made this post, there are two now. With Christmas lists being published all over the world we decided to help. With the i-Pad coming out first, there are many competitors at rival companies now. The one that we believe is the closest in competition is the Blackberry Playbook. Personally I would go with the i-Pad, but you can choose for yourself. The video below is a pretty good high quality breakdown of both products.


Beatles now available on iTunes!

After lots of controversy last night, this is the final verdict on what iTunes did. The Beatles have never before been avaiable on iTunes for doanload, and here they are! We posted yesterday rumors about an “iTunes Live” being worked on and hopefully that is still being developed because I would love to watch live concerts from my computer. But for now… “all you need is love”.

RockMelt Internet browser

RockMelt is a new internet browser that connects you better to your social networking world. Dumb name cool idea.

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