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Looks like Megatron has a new image for Transformers 3

These photos just leaked of what Megatron is supposed to look like in the new Transformers 3. Personally I like it, gives him a nice rugged look. The photos are from the set of the movie which is shooting now.


Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg are going to box?

Apparently some promoter has put up $1,000,000 for these two to go at it. Who do you think would win? They both played some sort of boxing role in their movies. If we were to go by character in film then Will Smith would most definitely take the crown, since he was Ali.

Damon Feldman is the promoter and he wants to show people that not only can these two men act as boxers but they can actually do the real thing in the ring. Both fighters have trained for their roles previously and Wahlberg has even considered a career in boxing instead of acting. Supposedly he’s mentioned before that if he did take up boxing earlier in his life then he could have taken on Manny Pacquiao. Cool your jets Mark, I wouldn’t take it that far.

Michael Jordan “Invincible” Trailer 2011

So this movie looks way too fresh. It talks about how Jordan was an unstopable force his whole time in the NBA and what he did for the Chicago Bulls. When you think about it, this title is very appropriate. Jordan did whatever he wanted out there on the court and could score any amount he wanted to. Looks like this movie is a ” Michael Jordan Film” and will be out in 2011.

Best of Extreme Sports 2010 Pt. 5


Just Watch.

Limitless Movie Trailer

Imagine taking a pill that allows you to use 100% of your brain and makes you the best version of you.  That’s pretty much the premise of Limitless.  I stumbled across this trailer and I thought the concept looks pretty tight.  Bradley Cooper is still going strong on his Hangover fame, throw in DeNiro and you got yourself a pretty quality movie. The movie comes out in 2011 so look out for it, for now check the trailer.

Fast and Furious 5 Trailer

Ya you saw it right, there will be a 5th Fast and Furious. Just from watching the trailer I can tell you this is going to be the best one. More new cars, girls, weapons, chase scenes than you could ever imagine. Oh yeah the rock is in it too. Paul Walker also joins Vin Diesel to bring back the whole original cast. Luda is in this one too. Movie comes out Spring 2011.

Every Big Budget Movie in 2010 Mixed into One Video!!

This is made by Genrock and he does a really good job of putting 270 movies of 2010 into one six minute video. It is edited very well and shows how many fire movies were put out in 2010. Dont sleep on some of these movies, because there are quite a few movies in this video that show the magnitude of this year in Movies. Grammy season is coming up quick, and there are quite a few of these that I see to be big contenders this year.

For more information and other link click here.

Eminem returning to the movies.

Last time we saw Eminem on the big screen was in his classic movie 8 mile which portrayed his lifestyle growing up in the streets of Detroit Michigan.Well now Eminem is back and he is playing a boxer? Dreamworks has acquired the rights to a new boxing movie entitled “Southpaw”. The movie will star Eminem as a welterweight fighter who must overcome tragedy while trying to win the title.

Kurt Sutter, the creator of FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” has signed on to write the screenplay for the movie, which he says will draw upon the themes of Eminem’s latest album ” Recovery”. The film will also be co-produced by Shady Films managers Paul Rosenberg and Stuart Parr. Screenplay writing for this movie will begin in February, which could be the first time Eminem wins artist of the year at the Grammys (he is nominated for 10 of them).

Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Movie Trailer

Just found this trailer for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie from the UK. This will the the fourth installment in the Pirates series. The film will be out in the United States May 20th, 2011.

Miley Cyrus makes “Post-Bong” appearance at Saints game.

A couple of days ago we posted Miley Cyrus hitting the bong, wondering what she’s doing now? Well apparently she was at the Saints game today in Louisiana where she is shooting her new movie ‘So Undercover’ alongside Kelly Osbourne (she’ll get her into the real stuff). TMZ who posted the original salvia video got some footage of Miley meeting Saints head coach Sean Payton. I doubt he knows a thing about what happened. Good luck to you Ms. Montana.

Miley meeting Sean Payton

Here’s what Miley’s papa Billy Ray Cyrus had to say about the incident.

Tony Jaa

This normally isn’t the type of stuff we post on Fresh-University but you can’t pretend you don’t  like watching people get knocked out.  Everybody is familiar with the Jackie Chan’s and Jet Li’s and don’t get me wrong they’re cool too but if you’re not familiar with Tony Jaa you should be, the dude can fight.  He is the Thai version of a martial arts movie star and to be honest he does shit you normally wouldn’t think is possible.  Anyways he’s starred in some pretty cool movies like The Protector, Ong Bak and Ong Bak 2 and with the release of Ong Bak 3 this year I figured I might let you in on the secret of Tony Jaa.  Just trust me and watch the video, I wouldn’t post this if it wasn’t cool.

Transformers 3 Trailer.

Transformers  3 trailer for all you fresh-followers, this one looks like it’s going to be a great movie.

Family Builds Tron Bike!

Came across this video and thought it was pretty damn cool that someone actually took the effort to make one of these bikes. The dude actually rides it and everything. Tron comes out in theaters December 17th this year. You already know its a 3-D movie.

Inception now out on Blu-Ray!

At only $18 dollars a pop this one is definitely worth buying. This movie was great, now turn it on your high-def TV and have a viewing experience like no other.

Wrecked movie trailer. Coming 2011

A man trapped in a car wreck at the bottom of a ravine must overcome incredible odds to survive.

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