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NBA’s top 10 Plays. December 29th, 2010

The best part about the end of the year is all the top 10’s of everything being put out. This one doesn’t summarize the whole year or anything, just one day. In this one day so many sick plays went down that they had to be wrapped up into a full 10. Check em out below my Freshies.



Sports Quotes of 2010

ESPN.com posted an article today with the top 20 sports quotes of year. But for your entertainment, we wanted to break down those 20 quotes down and provide you the 4 freshest quotes of the year.

Who: Greg Oden
Why: Responding to nude photos on the internet
What: “Those pictures were taken and sent over a year and a half ago, so I’ve definitely grown since then.”

Who: Mike Tyson
Why: Tyson just being Tyson
What: “My life is like a tornado, a f—ing hurricane. It’s like I’m a naked tornado that comes through a city and there’s just so much wreckage. There’s so much destruction, and when it’s finally over, it’s like the morning after and you’re sober and … what the f— happened here?”

Who: Charles Barkley
Why: Discussing Brett Favre’s cell phone SEXting controversy
What: “If you send a woman a picture of your junk, it should be humongous. … That’s one of the Ten Commandments.”

Who: Lebron James
Why: ‘The Decision’
What: “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach.”

-Now obviously #1 on our fresh-list received much controversy and criticism. But after all we are the fresh-makers, and we do love us some Bron Bron, so without further ado (you know we had to do it) let the highlights roll!

LLoyd Banks Tim Westwood freestyle!

Never seen this happen before, of course Timmy had people over at his station to rap, but I didn’t know he let em in his crib. Pretty cool stuff. I think Banks is one of the best at doing this, check below!

Best of Extreme Sports 2010 Pt. 5


Just Watch.

Of Course Cam Newton 2010 Heisman Winner Can Teach You How To Dougie!

This was recorded before he even won the Heisman, but Cam Newton is having the year of his life and will be dougieing much more once he wins that National Title against Oregon.



When accepting the Heisman Award, Cam Newton was very humble and showed that maturity and readiness for the NFL. But how should he have really gone about it? A cocky Cam Newton would have attracted much more fans and publicity if he would have acted like this….

Shout out at my homeboy at Auburn Joe for Auburn news on Cam Newton

Every Big Budget Movie in 2010 Mixed into One Video!!

This is made by Genrock and he does a really good job of putting 270 movies of 2010 into one six minute video. It is edited very well and shows how many fire movies were put out in 2010. Dont sleep on some of these movies, because there are quite a few movies in this video that show the magnitude of this year in Movies. Grammy season is coming up quick, and there are quite a few of these that I see to be big contenders this year.

For more information and other link click here.

Best Fails of 2010!

This video is the “Bees-knees”. We all love to watch people fall, wipe out, eat shit, all of the above. Gathering all the great fails from 2010 this footage will bring you non-stop laughter and jaw dropping scenarios. Check it out below!

Nike SB December 2010 Collection

This month will host the release of the Blazer SB Newsprint, Dunk High Premium SB Dark Obsidian/Varsity Red, Dunk Mid Pro Black/Varsity Red, Zoom Stefan Janoski SB Velvet Brown, Zoom Bruin SB Midnight Fog, Zoom Omar Salazar SB Night Fall and two Zoom Paul Rodriguez styles.

These sneakers should be hitting retailers in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled!

These have been WTF approved. Way Too Fresh.

Rihanna’s Performance at the 2010 AMA’s

Rihanna had a crazy performance last night at the American Music Awards. She also walked away with the Favorite Soul/Rhythm & Blues Music Female Artist of the year award. Check out the footage from her performance below.


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