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Jay-Z books 50 rooms for tomorrow.

According to the Harald Sun in Arizona the Jigga Man has booked 50 rooms for his party tomorrow in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Looks like he is spreading a lot of love considering he’s getting paid a whopping $1,000,000 just for one show. The rooms are requested for his entourage and personal security (we all know what happened to Pac in Vegas).

Some guests for this event include Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Wahlberg, Kristin Davis, Ellen Pompeo, and Jessica Szohr, among many others.


Best Live moments of 2010.

Since rappers can’t make that much now off just straight music, a lot of touring has been going on. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but these guys are all on the road way more than they used to be. With free music being as easy to get as a breath of fresh air, they are somewhat forced into this. Personally I like that they have to go on the road, there’s nothing like seeing your favorite artist live and in person. Here are some of the best performance moments of 2010.

1. Drake brings out Eminem to perform “Forever” in Toronto, Canada.

2. Jay-Z performs ” Empire State of Mind” inside Yankees Stadium.

3. The Dipset reunion concert in NY. (Cam’Ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freeky Zeekey)

4. Wiz Khalifa performs “Black and Yellow” in Pittsburgh, PA. (this is the city’s anthem)

5. Drake brings out Lil’ Wayne for the first time since his prison release.

That last one gives me the chills every time I watch it. All he says after the performance is “I’m back” and the crowd goes insane!

The “MONSTER” video is finally out!

Man they waited a long time for this one. But it’s finally here. Yes the Monster that Nicki Minaj tore apart and has been goin’ up ever since! Have yourself a good time by viewing below, this video is crazy creative.

Eminem x Jay-Z x Dr. Dre x 50 Cent x Stat Quo x Ca$his – Syllables

Woah. This shit caught me by surprise. We posted earlier today about this song possibly coming out in the New Year, but wait no further it drops the same day.  Pretty star studded cast on this song and it sounds very much like the old Em and Dre that we are used to.  Not sure if this is the type of shit on Detox, but we will see. It’s a possibility this could be a future Eminem song. But the song’s got a  great premise considering half of the so-called “hits” that come out these days have terrible lyrics but become popular because of the beat and a stupid chorus. Oh well, atleast this song has some meaningful syllables.  Enjoy people.


Eminem, 50 Cent, Dre, and Jay-Z bringing us a new song?

You heard it right, this is about to go down come 2011. According to DJ Big Mike the 3 of them have been working on something and want to start the new year off right. The song will be called “Syllables” and should be a banger with these guys on it. Can’t wait for it to happen.

Classic Footage of Jay-z and Kanye in the Studio. (rare)

This footage is from way back, when Kanye still had that humble look to him. He’s making beats at first in a crowded studio and then he spits for Jay-z. It’s actually the first time Kanye impresses him, like actually blows him away. Cool to see how this all started. I’m pretty sure he signed him not long after all this went down.

1 to 1… Jay-Z Making $1 mill for 1 performance.

Well that must be nice. Deutsche Bank is throwing a very expensive new year’s bash at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. They have already booked performances by Jay-Z and Coldplay which will be receiving $1 million each for the show. Both the performers’ wives will be there also, but not on stage. That’s a lotta loot, doubt they’ll even do that many songs.

Roc Nation vs. Young Money???

Pretty sick video I found about Young Money being compared to Roc Nation. Who will reign almighty in the year 2011?

Check the Video for more info.

U-2 and Jay-z Perform in New Zealand!

Jay-z joined Bono and U-2 on stage to perform their hit single Auckland. U-2 is currently on their 360* world tour and invited the Jigga Man to make a guest appearance at last night’s show. He was down there finishing up his decoded books promotion. Check the footy.

SNL’s Jay Pharoah Does impressions of Jay-z, Drake, and Biggie!

This guy is too funny. I have been following him ever since he got singed to SNL. One of the best impressionists I have ever seen. Check him out right here on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” as he does impressions of   Jay-Z, Drake and Biggie. He sings holiday songs, what a clown.

Jay-Z on Howard Stern Show! Full Video.

If you haven’t heard about Jay-Z’s book “Decoded” yet then you must be living in a cave. He’s been on a huge promo run these days plugging the book everywhere he goes. On the Howard Stern show he discusses the book and many other things going on in HOV’s life. There used to only be an audio file for this, but here at Fresh University we like to stay on top of things. So here is the full video of the interview. Let us know what you think.

Jay-Z on the Late Show w/ David Letterman

The “Jigga-man” stopped by the Late Show last night to chop it up with Mr. David Lettermen. They talked about his upcoming ventures and all the crazy business moves Jay-z is making. Check the video below for more info.

New Music! Jay Electronica ft. Jay-Z x The Dream- Shiny Suit Theory

Jay Electronica just signed to the Roc Nation. Jay- Z cosigned this man and is now ready to get him going. Check out their new collabo with the Dream called ” Shiny Suit Theory”. This man is about to be a problem (in a good way if you don’t know what that means) haha. Click the link to listen or download.


Jay Electronica x Jayz xDream- Shiny Suit Theory

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